Volantex RC – Vector 28 (Mini RC Boat) – Review and Run

Link to purchase from Amazon.com:
RTR ($32) – http://amzn.to/1ORDDr0

The Vector 28 is my second-ever RC boat, and it is really fast for its small size. This one does not have any self-righting feature, but I found it to be very stable in the water, even on a pretty windy day. I think I may have a new addiction to RC boats! lol

-Flyin’ Ryan

Thanks to my friend, Josh, for the additional camera work.
Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/IAmStizzle

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Steve S says:

As mentioned, got a pair and found they are pretty fragile.  It really doesn’t take much pounding on the bow, before the motor thrusts forward, breaking off the front stop, then separating from the rubber splice that joins the motor to the prop shaft.
To prevent the motor from jolting forward from the inertia, I’ve decided to experiment on one, by running a pair of small countersunk screws up from the bottom, like a #6, then a dab of silicone over the screw head to seal.
Brain surgery at it’s finest!  LOL!

XxxInTheMiddlexxX says:

I blew up a motor driving my slash in the sand yesterday, so time to bring the boat out!

jailton rodrigues says:

i bought this boat but it doesn’t work, never used before. Someone knows the problem?

4thGloryMonday says:

8 foot fishing line three treble hooks and three bobbers work well for me on my retrieval boat. Good job as always thumbs up

cookieman0916 says:

The Super-Mono X is a great BL boat with self righting. Check it out. Runs on a 3s lipo with a water cooled setup. Stays bone dry even while bashing it. Boats are a lot of fun, like you just got into boats. Have fun! Tom

Franky goes to Hobbywood says:

I’m absolutly surprised by this small boat..!

Rockeyy YT says:

Hey I am trying to oil the thingy, and cannot figure out how to take the motor thingy or whatever out Please help!

RC Majesty says:

Is it better than the ft009

ZML Channel says:

Sorry for a buch of questions but would a chipped up shell on a quad mess up the balance of shooed the gyro fix It (six access)

The Modell Collector says:

how much is it????

Steve S says:

Just finished our maiden runs, got a pair and they arrived today.  Wife did a great job, slammed it perpendicular, full speed, into the side of the pool about a half dozen times until the motor mounts sheared off and sent the motor into the bow.  Vector #1, knocked out…  Vector #2 is okay.
Off to the hobby store tomorrow to see what ideas they have to re-secure the motor.  I hope Tony isn’t there, he’d prefer I shop elsewhere and makes that point clear regularly.  Oh well, too bad for him.  Everyone else there is great.

chipthe ehtpihc says:

I finally got my blade nano qx, it’s amazingly fast and controllable! It tends to drift backwards though, and no matter how much i trim it still drifts backwards. its not bad unless i’m trying to hover 😀

TOJO says:

Nice little boat! I like the green one better!

Kwang Ming Lua says:

I think the cooling system pipe might be preventing it from overturning since its pushing water out through the sides when the boat is speeding along and doing turns. just my thoughts. What do u think Ryan?

Talha Khan says:

That is a good boat but I thing that is good for fishing

Steve S says:

Hey Ryan, question on the battery for this.  Is the plug the mini Tamiya?  Also, is it the same as the FT-009?
The FT-009’s are too much for the pool, but this one, being about a foot should fare much better.  I’m planning getting a pair but would like your help on the batery info.

mrbeefy71 says:

Nippy little boat

The QueensConquerer says:

Ryan, can you update the link, when I click it, it shows ads

ZML Channel says:

Can you buy different props for it?

Jason Pena says:

That little fin creates drag to keep it centered. NASCAR does that

. says:

what do you do when the boat ran out of battery in the middle of the lake??? :OOO 

Budget Guy RC says:

cool little boat my friend have fun RCing

Juan González says:

I think that it is actually called Volantex 😉

UAV marky says:

great stuff ryan more boats & cars etc mix it up a bit id love to get into boats how about some micro boats for my bath tub ? 🙂

Will Jessup says:

Can you please do a review of the proboat blackjack 9

Britbryant Nojang says:

Ryan are u considering doing reviews on hobbies other than rc heli and quad?

If so what do the viewers expect to see in the future?

Ben Pyka says:

Cool review boats are cool but never really got into them too risky flipping or battery dying or even the motor burning out , I wouldn’t want go swimming in a lake to rescue that thing! Never know what’s swimming around in a lake

JD says:

Nice video mate. I have this boat, Ive had to rescue it in ponds a couple times, as cant seem to get the trim right and didnt turn one way and hence we got stuck in a dead end and no reverse! Trim adjustment doeesnt remember it next time you turn it on so hence we seem to get into trouble. Didnt know what that switch was on the top. Be nice if it had reverse, do any rc boats have reverse?

Campbell J-M says:

Honestly Flyinn Ryan, if you just go full throttle non stop its more fun. I have never been close to flipping mine.

Thijs RC says:

That sounds good Ryan”i love rc boats”
Now the wather intake is on the bottom
Have a nice boating!

TheBigb1973 says:

boats? your killing me ryan LOL. the water is frozen here in Pittsburgh bud lol. bring the quads back

Rockeyy YT says:

Hey I finally figured out the problem. One of the screws in the thingy near the motor is missing. Do you know where I can get a new one?

joogsquad Ppjt says:

Cool boat

shadab k says:

Congrats on the new boat.You now have ‘boataddiction’.love the location of the lake.Is it deep?

EnsoUnoTV says:

Hey Ryan, theres a new quadcopter called HT F801, its very similar to the syma x5c, maybe better, with a Dji phantom design, and guess what, green color is available and it is awesome! It hasnt arrived to ebay yet but i think that you can find it on gearbeast, it would be awesome if you make a review for it. Btw, these boat reviews are pretty cool, i got 1-2 boats on my ebay watch list thanks to you lol. Good vid Ryan, cheers!

Yoshy Joshy says:

Nice boat

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