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Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – We are back this time unboxing a few M41 Wide-body catamarans! After meeting with Traxxas at RCX 2016 in California (http://bit.ly/2dwv06O), we were so lucky to have these boats sent to us to rip around on the pond, out back of the 5th scale race track! But, before we can do that.. we have to get them out of the box. Instead of doing that on our own we though we could roll camera’s and capture the experience for you. Disclosure: we were not paid to do this film, but rather wanted to have a closer look at these rigs. Traxxas sent us batteries and parts to use with these boats.

**Note – in the film, I said this boat was 41″ long, but I now believe it to be 40″ long.

** Another NOTE! I just noticed I said the last boats we unboxed was the Rockstar – what I meant was “LONG BOATS”!

Now, instead of me re-writing an entire description of this boat – here is some information from the http://www.Traxxas.com website about the M41

“The Traxxas M41 gets its unique, aggressive appearance thanks to its use of a catamaran hull design. This hull design offers more than a different visual presentation; the catamaran offers a wider stance on the water for increased stability and less hydrodynamic resistance. This also lets the M41 use less energy to propel itself across the water making it incredibly fast. The M41 gets on plane almost immediately, letting you get to the fun faster—to the tune of 50+ mph on 6S LiPo power.

Big Boat, Big Fun
At just over 40 inches (1 meter) long, the M41 has a commanding presence just floating in the water. Crack open the throttle and the fun begins! The M41’s size and design give it the versatility to work well in a wide range of conditions. The M41 is stable and easy to control whether blasting across the waves in a big lake, cruising past the shoreline, or testing it’s 50mph top speed on a smooth pond.

Rigid Internal Structure
A unique feature of the M41 is its rigid internal structure with removeable electronics tray and motor mount. The VXL-6s electronic speed control, waterproof receiver box, and powerful 2056 high-torque steering servo are all bolted securely to the tray. The motor is attached independently to a motor mount that increases the rigidity of the hull. In just a few quick minutes, the electronics can be removed for maintenance. The internal structure includes an integrated reinforced transom to provide a solid mounting surface for the control and drive systems.

DCB M41 Detailed Cockpit
Traxxas faithfully reproduced the M41’s artfully sculpted cockpit with an acute attention to detail, from the gauges and speakers to the steering wheel and seats. The detailed cockpit flows with the rest of the boat to become a complete work of high-performance art.

High-Performance Prop
The M41 is equipped with a surface-piercing prop that has been optimized to get the hull on plane as quickly as possible without cavitation. The prop is made of a molded composite construction that is lightweight and tough, with no balancing or sharpening needed.

High-Strength Aluminum Hardware
For efficient power transfer and razor-sharp handling, the M41 is equipped with rigid drive hardware and a flex-free transom. These components allow you to experience every ounce of extreme brushless horsepower and performance. The rudder, rudder support, and drive strut are extruded and machined from rugged 6000-series aluminum alloy for maximum strength. The pieces are polished and anodized a vivid blue. The rudder also incorporates a pickup that feeds water through the cooling system.

Stainless-Steel Trim Tabs
The M41’s dual trim tabs further tune its high-speed performance. The trim tabs are precision die-cut and made of bent form stainless steel to resist corrosion. They help keep the M41 stable during high speed runs.

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RC McTool says:

I wish I was there………………………………….. 8^))

ThatsMyRc says:

Thinking on picking me up a rc boat these are sweet.

Brock Taylor says:

Dsnow boating this year maybe

Sukarno66 Suksrnodajs says:

berapa harganya

Thomas Petch says:

I have one but it caught some weed and snapped the propeller and burnt out the motor because it was jammed, so annoying

deuces roxy says:

ohhh yaaahhh heeeyyyyy!

Nick The rc kid says:

Everit should back on the channel and do more adventures

Linda Borges says:

Yeah ay lol

pointless vlog says:

you need to pull the trim tabs down a little bit. they have a little bit of a hop

Nick The rc kid says:

Yes but I mean just the two of you like in this video

Giovanni Lopez says:

Love the Aerial shot from the P4….epic!

pixel man says:

can u get the traxxas blast and review it please

Zubair Ahmad says:



love that paint job!!!!!!

birdman316 says:

great job guys!
how did you convince your wife to let you take the kitchen table to the pond??

charles blanchard says:

Hey I just bought this boat and habe the 3s 8400 traxxas batteries. I keep having a problem with them. They always puff but traxxas always sends me new ones for free. I’m on my 3rd set lol. What batteries do you use?

umar aahil says:

pls do the blast

Candy E says:

I’m a sub

Mr sheeps Cars says:

Sugery is happen in 5:44

Rocky says:

Thank you for posting this, I was trying to decide which boat to get, I’m a Traxxas fan, but wasn’t sure about their boats. I’m impressed by the control, the aerial shots show some amazing maneuvering. Looks like I’ll order me a 41 now.

Forsaken Predator says:

fucking Canadians, Aye?

Bradley Hill says:

Kelly Cummings says:

how much money are those

Chaos Fragrances says:

Ahh, Traxxas. $500 to go 50mph. Yet I’m building up a Miss Geico hull thats capable of 70+mph for less than that. I do have to say, it is a nice looking hull albeit the color being a little “loud.” I wouldn’t mind buying a bare hull and rigging it up into a twin cat. It is a timeless design nonetheless.

Jan Sköries says:

Warum MPH? Kilometer ist genauer

Matthew Davis says:

flatbrimmed hat = douuuuuuche bag bro

Stefania Mantinioti says:


Will Dominguez says:

Yea, I watched this video another couple of times and I’m getting one! I need this boat in my life! Thanks for the video guys..

The Crew says:

500$ i can go to Wal-Mart and get 1 for 10$

Free Music Downloader - All Music says:

Que Pasada , Muy Bueno !! 😉

James Abrams says:


Tech Of gaming says:

can i have one

AKNativ3907 GT says:

6:01 lol fail

liquidktm says:

Yep there Bad Arse, I love mine. Good reveal lots of fun.

Will Dominguez says:

I fly quadcopters fpv and now ordering a Traxxas truck to fpv with it. This just blew me away. I hadn’t thought you could do this with an RC boat. Man have they advanced since I was a kid. I will be hitting the lake a lot this summer I think..

Steve Brynan says:

That has to be the coolest lookin’ boat Traxxas has ever released!

Todd Bertram says:

any suggestion on a marine rec that is 6s capable with lipo shutoff?

Alessandro amosso says:

I love it!

ethan frager says:


Darren Zilisch says:

if you run a high C rated battery will that help with be safer for them boats?

Stefania Mantinioti says:

You can put a hero 5 in a boat

Faz Sidat says:


BillCosbyEatsBabies says:

hull is made of ABS though… why no polycarbonate?

fix things says:

Run time?

Kaiden Adolph says:

Can I have one plz

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