UDI Bullet & Tempo RC Powered High Speed Racing Boats Review


UDI is a known brand for its quadcopter, introducing their newest racing boat line, the Bullet and Tempo speed boats. Built with powerful motor, the Bullet can reaches up10mph of top speed for a truly amazing racing experience, and the Tempo can reaches 18mph. The motor is water-cooled to ensure longevity of the system. And you can easily control it to forward, backward, turn left, and turn right.


Jesse Co says:

Why the water sensor?

Martin Dalton says:

hi could you put a link up for the lipos you used please?


Love your vids

Doge Doge says:

Is the madbeast durable? maybe gonna buy it.

Sergej Nadaždin says:

what is with the UDIrc venom?

Lee OfBacup says:

The Tempo is a great little boat for kids just starting in the hobby. I got my 10yo Son one and he loves it. The only down side is the included batteries are really bad. 2-3 hour charge for a couple of minutes run time… Throw that away and get some 1300 20c lipos they will give the boat around 30 minutes of fun time… The other major flaw I found is that spare props are really hard to get hold of here in UK.. I did manage to find one online store that stocked them but he only had about 10 left so I bought them all as the store owner said they’re not something he stocks regularly. And 3rd party props don’t seem to fit as the boats seems to have a non-standard thread. I could be wrong though. But my other boats take props from all sorts of manufactures. That being said, we’ve been out with this boat many times and not once have we broke a prop. So fingers crossed… I was going to say that the build quality is not that good, but as the boat is really cheap that’s to be expected and even though the plastic quality is lacking it has not once failed or broken in anyway in the many months of having it.

Budget Guy RC says:

cool boats

Davin Woods says:

Is it safe to use these on salt water?

luke bornemann says:

Lol this will brake in 30sec

The RC Channel says:

good boat

azwa Tanjungbumi Bangkalan says:


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