Traxxas Blast RC Boat Unboxing and Review

We open up our new traxxas blast rc boat and share our thoughts with you. This is a great first timers boat but were going to be using it as our retrieval boat to help us and our friends rescue their boats that may have flipped over.

It’s jam packed of outdated technology but it’s still hard to find this much fun under $100 anywhere


RCNetworkUS says:

it is but its traxxas good made and cheap

Eric Stumpy says:

ur a fuckin douchebag. u homo..go ramp ur losi 22 u fuckin bitch. i wanna see it shatter into 1,000 peices and then call it a piece of shit

Chris Salazar says:

alcohol fetal syndrome

Dismal Dream says:

Spend 10 more dollars and get a pro boat impulse

CrazyRC241 says:

this boat is a lot cooler than you think. I have one from two years ago you can ram it up on rocks or the shore yeah this boat may be slow but at lest i am not paying lots of money on a spartan that go’s 60 but blows up or filp’s and is totaled.

Dries .VanGelder says:

maybe a stupid question but i recently bought a spartan , but it flipped over and i needed to swim to that thing , it there a better option to get the boat back ?

MotoRacer171 says:

is it brushed? is it lipo or brushless ready and what is the stock top speed? can it be submerged and live? a reply would be really appreciated thanks!

maninabox32697 says:

Hi can you guys reccomend a good cheap boat for a beginner. it doesnt have to be fast, but under $130 would be nice, equip doesnt matter i wont demand too much. id like it to be nice enough that it wont get caught in some of the local lake’s weeds (as far as torque goes). oh and also if it is stable/resists flipping that would be nice.

Will Davis says:

I have a blast but how do you remove the stock 6 cell battery?

Derek Hulshizer says:

can u adjust the prop and which boat would u recommend the traxxas blast or the pro boat miss geico 17 2.4

350zvj says:

@TheRcskipper I’m sure you guys will make up for it, lol. Just waiting for another boat that’s XO-1’ish…


It has stinger 20 stock

Jake H says:

how will you use it as a retrieval boat.could you make a video on that?

Dingman RC says:

how fast dose it go????

Zachary Hummel says:

I got a pro boat apache24 as my first boat and still have it

Manimal 175 says:

I didn’t make this video or any video but from my experience, the spartan is a little bit better.

ben vk says:

they still have that old radio today

The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel says:

don’t look interested when ya do reviews ffs!

rcbasher emaxx says:

wo man how the heck can u compare that boat to a pro-boat. pro-boats are way more better with their electronics. the blast is a cool boat. but never better then a pro-boat

Stupid Fast RC says:

I really loved your video. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

Wheels n Stuff says:

Guess what yesterday I got a pocket bike and this Traxxas for $25

GreatWhiteAlex says:

How long is the Blast?

lochie j-p says:

hey guys,
I was just wondering, with this boat can I just run a standard shitty annsman battery in this and it will be alright if it gets a little splash of water?
thanks 🙂

shankar3950 says:

this guy look like a coke head, he has no idea what he is doing,

brent bugalski says:

How fast does it go

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