Traxxas Blast – RC Boat Review

Looking to get into RC boats? So were we. Walt’s Hobby in Syracuse, NY gave us some help and provided several options. The Traxxas Blast was purchased. This boat certainly isn’t the fastest, but for a beginner it’s two thumbs up.

The boat comes “ready to race.” All you need to do is put on the included decal stickers. Everything you need is included, except for 8 AA batteries for the transmitter, a battery and charger for the boat. Walt’s put together a packaged deal for us that included a 3000Mah NiMH, 7.2v Venom battery and appropriate charger. Run time even in the bitter 15 degree cold weather is about 15 minutes.

Boat Features:
•Water Cooling System
•Waterproof Electronics
•Sealed Receiver Box
•Nautica Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
•High-Torque Waterproof Servo

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Cody S. Slaughter says:

Trick it out n itll really haul fukin arse !

47 says:

These fucking retards think RTR means ready to race… its ready to run btw

kevin brooks says:

race ?? yup you could race turtles !

Jt P says:

that’s what comes out when my spartan takes a shit

samozeanlol says:

too slow


when you first put the boat in the water try to toss it out a little or give it a little push cuz next time or any time you do that the propeller and rudder coud scrape the ground and it will be all screwed up

The Rc Master6042 says:

I got this boat I thought it was cool at first then it fellvto crap the hull leaks alot its heavy so theres trouble getting up on plain and the hard ware is not suitable to brushless id call this crap if u whant a good starter boat get an aquacraft rio proboat impulse 17 of even a impulse 24 if u have a bit more money get a proboat shockwave brushless there all affordable and some cheaper and way faster than the blast

adamf2011 says:

READ TO RACE JUST ADD STICKER!!!! but u have to buy the battery pack and charger…. sorry man…lol FAIL!!

mdamttc199 says:

@adamf2011 Umm, good try, but not so much… Walts Hobby sells it as a packaged deal.

How to Wot says:

its not bad , but over priced in my opnion

adamf2011 says:

@mdamttc199 dude im just messing with u dang.. lol people get to carried away…

harry mcgain says:

I’ve got the traxxas rustler vxl and its great

Mikey F says:

It woukd be funny if it crashed and he dove in the lake to get it

Ryan Brown says:

is this onondaga lake? if so what camera are you using it makes it look clean! lmao

rcBitz says:

Great video, what camera? Just got am RC boat too, not speed controler though so got it caught up today 🙁 Thanks for video.

Cody S. Slaughter says:

I just sold a rustler gas new i use it 4-5 times i took 280.00$ for it

MrJdsusername says:

@mdamttc199 ah i live in syracuse and go to walts hobbie own me a slash and rustler. what you think about this it seems ok i just want a cheap boat that i can run in the summer over at otisco lake

sara auch says:

this video made me and my friend bought one it sucks ass thanks

mdamttc199 says:

@wazzap496 Aren’t most big cities like that though? Either way, it is a bummer.

jeffreynevermind says:

no offense to the dude who owns the boat, dont take this personally because it’s clearly not your fault but… “what a hunk of junk” . This boat is as slow as fuck. I’d be bored before one pass to pull it out of the lake. Like I said no offense to “mdamttc199”

Clayton Findlay says:

nice boat, sorry about your guns.

mdamttc199 says:

Camera was a Panasonic DMC-ZR1

TheReviewGangster says:

hey man how fast do you think this traxxas blast goes

jeffreynevermind says:

no offense to the owner of this boat but… man o man is that thing ever slow. its like 10 mph of pure boredom. was looking to buy my first boat and did some reasearch after considering this boat and glad i got an aquacraft supervee 27

redrider10 says:

15 degrees out. I’d move!

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