Skytech – H101 Speed Boat – Review and Run

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RTR ($55) –

This is a really nice-looking boat, with self-righting, good speed, and stable control.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Ian Mangham says:

nice tx

The RCAddict says:

Wow, seems pretty quiet, would be awesome since it doesn’t annoy people, lol. Not sure how I feel about the flight remote though, haha. Amazing how smooth is tracked 🙂

StarAquatics says:

Looks good might have to pick one of these up. Been after a nice little boat and this looks to fit the bill, Cheers for the review Ryan.

Tanner Constantine says:

Review the udi venom

Ludovic L. says:

Looks like the UDI001 boat. Does its Tx also beeps when boat batteries are low?
Please Ryan, could you :
– review a cheap speed boat on the sea, it is sooo fun 🙂
– and make a video teaching how to ‘salt-water’ proofing these boats 😉
Love your channel.

Bdub Q says:

Loving your videos. Started off with your quadcopter ones. Great value. Thanks! What budget RC boat would you recommend for a beginner child? Looking for something that won’t flip much at all. I like this H101, but would prefer I teach my kids with a traditional boat transmitter as opposed to this quad style one. Looking forward to you response. Thanks Ryan.

Phil Steadman says:

That’s a sweeeeet looking boat! Brilliant review as always Ryan! Do you think this would be a good first speedboat for my 10 year old son?

Delta Whiskey 4 says:

UDI001 just arrived today!! gave it a run at most of the time full throttle jumpin’ waves
and got ehh about 10-11 and a half minutes

also btw i boat at either the Hawea River or Lake Wanaka

ESP martinez says:

hola que distancia de alcance tiene?

Ricardo Figueiredo says:

Amigo quando vou conectar a bateria no cabo USB fica piscando e não carrega a bateria!

eric GTX says:

I believe the connector is the same as the one on the JJRC H26 and it’s 2S as well so I think it’s directly compatible.

Delta Whiskey 4 says:

H101 vs H100?

Sergej Nadaždin says:

on the Tide Breaker, the self flipping works. slight gas then brake and it’s back!

John Cuppi says:

I’m sad about this boat. I lost connection to my tx while it was pretty much right there in front of me. I put it down on the ground to do something real quick on my phone, went back to it, and the boat just didn’t respond. After doing everything and pressing buttons, it just wouldn’t get connection back… now it’s stuck in the middle of the lake where it drifted away to. -_-

August Lyons says:

Ya now that one blows the yellow one out of the water, pun intended.  With that kind of speed you must have to have a large area to really get it going. It would be cool if you had like a receiver for it attached to a FPV drone and control the boat in a lake from the drone while your flier follows it and keeps it in range.

Anthony E. says:

so an aerial transmitter, only good thing there is it has pitch and roll lol. Nice run Ryan!

Bill Johnson says:

is that man made lake in Florida?

Robert Evans says:

The righting is just a timing issue. Don’t hold it so long.

Creative Mind says:

Bro will u review phantom 4

Greg Gammon says:

just got this boat last night. I have not ran it yet however the latch that holds the top lid on already broke. does anyone know how to get a replacement lid of how to modify the one that came with it so it will lock down tight?


@Flyin Ryan RC, Do you think it would help if i got an actual Transmitter. Like, maybe the: Dx6i or Dx6??? Thank-you, i have subscribed & really like the video’s. Especially the Airplane one’s.

Matthew Huang says:

Difference between lipo and lithium ion

Charles Coby says:

That cool

DroneXFun says:

considering the self righting function relies on the inertia/torque of the motor, i’m thinking that because it is brushed maybe there’s not enough inertia/torque for it to work as well as a brushless motor. just a thought. thanks for the vids.

Aidan Madigan says:



Nice, looks a little easier than planes. I have spent more than $400.00 on 4-micro planes & 2 of them flew away & never found neither-one. The 2 that flew away, were both the: Sport Cub S with S.A.F.E. The other 2, need repair’s. A Champ & Parkzone Ultra Micro P-51D Mustang. All this in 1 month of trying too teach myself to fly.

Lungoci Corneliu says:

Nice boat, nice video, thanks!

RC-TALK 101 says:

what starter boat would you recommend for a beginner that’s cheap

Atomic RC says:

Your my favorite YouTube

Steve RC says:

Nice review Ryan. Looks like you’ve found some serious Feilun 009 competition.
Can’t say I’m too high on the fly-Tx, but that’s easily remedied.
I took my 009 into the So Cal waves, if the self-righting were that clumsy, the 009 would be gone, LOL.

Israel Calderon says:

which is the best boat you bought under 65 dollars?

RC Team Austria says:

looks really interesteing, thanks for sharing!

RanDOMZ says:

I am the 100th likes

Angelo Abogado says:

Hey Ryan what quadcopter can you recommend me that is sporty and flies stable

V1rotate says:

“Oil, To lube the shaft”

Ian Mangham says:

Anything that comes with 2 battery’s is awesome

John Wedrall says:

I never thought of RC boats but Wow, I might like to try one. nice review and awesome sailing. Cool ! ! !

Rh Last Nae says:

Thank you for the video, yeah it is very windy, and pushes very well.

Jr Fults says:

have you found any were to buy spare battery for this boat i cant find then no were sorth of a drag for the boat it very fun.

Adriano Salemi says:

Which one one you recommend between the h101 and the ft009?

Sergej Nadaždin says:

and also the Tide Breaker can flip itself upside down if you kept going forwards,backwards,forwards.

Massachusetts Prepper says:

That is definitely a nice little boat for sure. And being able to flip itself back over is a huge plus. Thanks for sharing my friend.

Everything Cool says:

lolol funny if you had to jump in i hop you can swim

ToyGrade RCManiac says:

Looks super stable in the water, just floats thru it

Glen D. Spicer says:

Very nice looking. Good review.

FXSS says:

It’s backwards to forwards for the self-righting…

Lee Rye says:

6 minutes of driving time

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