Robb Reviews $29 Toy RC Submarine underwater test- better than I thought.

Mini Eudax RC toy submarine
I always wanted my own personal submarine from as far back as I can remember. This little RC toy submarine may be the closest I will ever get, LOL.
The RC sub is quite small and the range is limited to a few yards or 5 meters. The depth rating is 0.5 meters.
If there is any current it will easily overpower the sub.
the controls allow you to go forward, reverse, left right and up and down. if the water is still you can stabilize the depth so
the tiny submarine does not bob up and down while submerged. The forward speed is fast considering the tiny propeller it uses.
The battery in the sub is recharged via a USB port. The
RC transmitter takes 4 AA batteries. I tested the sub for over 20
minutes and still had power. The controls were very responsive.
The maximum depth I took the sup was 2 and a half feet.
The sub has a safety feature that will allow it to surface when power is lost.
The sub has lights so you can use it in the dark.
I have a tiny pen camera that I plan on inserting into a
test tube and attaching to the sub to take underwater photography. I would love to be able to put it in the big fish tank at my local Bass Pro shop.
I think kids would have a lot of fun with this in shallow water and maybe even in a very large fish tank although the tank glass could impede the RC signals.
If you want to know more about the sub or purchase one,
I have the Amazon link here.
here is another sub that has a camera for just a few dollars more

if you want to build a simple toy battleship with an electric motor check out my video below.

DIY $3.50 Battleship with Electric motor & real smokestack

Robb Moffett
Robb’s Homemade Life

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The Half-Wit Quarter says:

2:29 would be very funny if you put the speed at 1.5 x and then play the song in the background “If I had a Chicken.”
Go on, try it!

Zero Naught says:

I just get this image of you sitting next to the pool screaming: “DIVE DIVE DIVE!”

Sid The Geek says:

Wow looks really good for simulation experiments. cool video. hope you enjoy my videos

sixtyfiveford says:

You’re having too much fun.

kae4466 says:

a gentlman on here by the name of monty4s made a sub using a hollowed out plastic baseball bat for the hull. nice looking model.

lifeinthailand says:

Very cool, something rechargeable batteries would be important to have, I am sure you would eat through the batteries quickly.

Cyberbob says:

I just a bought a new swimming pool so I could try this lol
winning the powerball you can do stupid shit like this lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

CookieMonsta86 says:

I have the same sub but it won’t move it doesn’t respond to the remote

Are Jayem says:

This is a PERFECT gizmo to hack. Install some clear ‘windows’. Remove the RC controls. Train a mouse to operate the sub. Add a grappler-arm and ability for underwater bits of cheese to be grabbed and brought inside. Hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Get an upsize sub for, say, a teacup poodle. Play underwater ‘fetch’. Bingo! RHL seen on ‘Ellen’ TV show. Wait. Aren’t Vietnamese pigs smarter than dogs? That means a substantially larger sub. Still, helluva conversation item.

Admiral Preparedness says:

Would have been a great addition to my inventory if I still owned my two hobby shops that were forced out of business because an inept community organizer could not get the economy here back up to where it was before he took office and killed the economy.

Old Gunners Mate says:

Thanks, Robb, love the reply

Sathi Akter says:

can you give the toy
for. 100. day s

waupfoo says:

Appreciate the review. I can make a great unnderwater epic video with this sub. Always look forward to your videos….the sweet potatoes in the pan is still a big hit with the family! Thank you.

Dixie Fish 01 says:

I have this same submarine & my sub has a issue where all it wants to do is sink it wont come back up do you know how to fix this problem?

Anthony Mekemeke says:

There’s only one prob I ain’t got no pool

Vitomir Maricic says:

underwater things are welcome. Cool.

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says:

Cool! I’ll bet it has a bladder that inflated or deflated with water.

Old Gunners Mate says:

looks like fun

Old Gunners Mate says:

no Beatles music?

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