RC FISHING BOAT!!! Unboxing/Review

This is a super cool RC Fishing Boat that can ACTUALY CATCH FISH!!! You can get this and many other RC fishing boats at http://rcfishingworld.com/index.html . The boat I reviewed is the “Radio Ranger” which retails for $84.99. You may purchase just the Fishing Pole if you already have an RC Boat. This is a super fun way to catch fish for people of all ages!!!
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warped831 says:

you have to make a video while you fish with that man..

Bassfishin4you says:

Just did my first Unboxing so go check it out

carbell88 says:

I want to see you use that!

Tyler Grubb says:

How much money do you have

Trey Wood says:

your awsome ilove you i

Elime123 smart says:

how much did you pay to get all that extra stuff

Elime123 smart says:

did you just get it in yellow or upgrade it if you did to what how do i fined that coler one on the website

Ethan Wright says:

Try using a Huddleston on it and get it on video that would be the ultimate test haha

Jayvee Contreras says:


Aaron Jacobs says:

Cool boat does it work well in canals

DroppingBucks&KickingBass says:

put a crank bait on it and troll for bass XD 

Ethan Wright says:

And I’m actually serious about you doing that

chris ortiz says:

too bad it doesn’t have a failsafe if it flips over it looks like

Donatillo Arteaga says:

If you get tired of this Boat …I want to buy it from you.  I need a yellow boat and I can’t seem to find one.

mon ting tong says:

what’s the range like…? 100m max…?

STEVEN Lee says:

what the range

Trout Fisher says:

So imma use it in Lake Erie 20 mins won’t last to get to the middle of Lake Erie lol

Nathan says:

Do you still have it!

Brian says:

banana boat, lol 

Aaron B. says:


prank acadamy says:

how much is it

Kving Dabber says:

Are u ever going to use it

1tightline fishing says:

saw something like that on of the hook extreme catches

Leslie King says:

omg he did actuallly swear at 12 sec
in to the video

C4 Bassin says:

hey Andrew was this an old or a current sponsor

Ethan Wright says:

That’s so sick haha

Cameron Conati says:

how fast does it go?

Funyunfinkleflubbers says:

Cool video.

Jayvee Contreras says:


Mathew Toscano says:

Do you still use it for filming

fishingislife014 says:

use a frog lol

MikiKemo E says:

try it out pussy

FishingNewEngland says:

super cool

BrandonRyan Outdoors says:

The go pro on that would be sick man. Try it out

Bryce Demeny says:

Nice boat! I’d really like to see you incorporate it I to your videos somehow whether it be fishing tips like u said or just catching fish!

Tankaray22 says:

OMG you said fish fu** at the beginning lol

Ben Parra says:


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