RC Boat Fishing Challenge! It Actually Catches Fish!

Fishing with this RC fishing boat was a challenge! But when this company contacted me and asked me to try out there boat I couldn’t say no! it looked so much fun! I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED THIS VIDEO AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

If you want one of these boats for yourself visit www.rcfishingworld.com/Radio-Ranger.htm

Sawgrassbassin http://bit.ly/2cQ1oCd

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Present Monster says:

the first bluegill was a redear

Siplix says:

What happened in the corner 5:34

Lachlan white's Outdoor adventures says:

I’m so doing that

Henry Ryan Alvarez says:

That was a red ear sunfish not a blue gill

Brenden Grimes says:

am i the onlt one who doesnt see the “thing” in the thecorner?

Atenndant Cow94 says:


Tyler Kendrick says:

Where can u get those boats

kenneth edwards says:

Were did you get the boat at I won’t to get one.

Acyoungstar 52 says:

Brenden Grimes same i didnt see it

James Hale says:

what was in the right corner

TheOsmodius says:

That was sweet. I could catch baitfish all day with one of these and never get bored.

Noah Bilodeau says:

this and the magnet fishing we’re my favorites so far

Gman Boom says:


plasma kitten says:

Im doing something like this. Im going rafting and fishing with one!

Austin Winterson says:

what kind rc boat is that

Black Squad says:

wout is this booat pliz

shadow4280 says:

Was you’re px16 hopped up or stock?

Christophe Desmeules says:

Good job

Samuel Salemi says:

What boat is that


can you fish with any RC boat by attaching a line and a hook to it

Tyler beard says:

Those arent sikled there peecock bass

Fucc Boi says:

what was in the right corner?

Corey C. says:


opticalriot says:

is that your dad????

I MrHorse says:

@TallFishermanJ what was in the right corner? I didn’t see anything.

Tank 62 says:

Ok you guys are tossing to much back lol

You tube User says:

What happens in the right corner

Jaxon TV says:

5:34 what corner?

ThomasHardenFishing says:

Nice video that was crazy! So I guess a 5 pounder might sink the ship…LOL!

Larry Ciarrocchi says:

Try putting a spinner or swim bait on and go trolling.

Max Wilsonm says:

Kick gnashing gully chug j ecru u Fuji TGIF Gucci

Tristan Geisslinger says:

troll a jig behind the boat.

Noelle Trueman says:


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