RC Boat Catches Fish!?! Fishing Challenge!

In the 2nd Installment of “FISHING WITH TOYS” John believes that his RC Boat is the key to targeting trout in those hard to get places…. pushing his FISH WIZARD skills to a whole new level with Radio Controlled Techology, The RC Boat Trout Fishing Challenge was the ultimate test of angling!!!

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RC Boat Catches Fish in Trout Challenge!?!


KG Skates says:

1:55 did that fish yawn

bass boy says:

what is your fish brain name

Scott A says:

Dan that’s some nice natives, my favorite fish to eat!!

Rainbow Labs says:

I’m surprised that boat put up a fight

Piano Dragon says:

1:56 I guess someone’s sleepy

StefBoss 24 says:

it’s good that u let the fish go

Beard Man says:

No joke, I usually drag a glow in the dark floating popper behind the boat when I am fishing. When I do catch something with it, it is usually one of the largest fish of the day. I’m in SC and I do a lot of swamp fishing, not much trout lol. Largemouth and bluegill is what I like to eat. A lot of people around here like to Crappie fish though. I could care less about crappie.

Aiden Maves says:

your amazing

Amanda Chappell says:

Nice job! 🙂

Bilbo 69 says:

Does any body else relise the name

Fish Fun Co. Remote Control Fishing Boats says:

Would love to see you compare Our Rc Fishing Boats, (34″ Radio Ranger) to that little boat! We would even give you the boat!

Alex Norris says:

way to short

FourMantella462 says:

LOL, that’s bigger than my first trout I got

Asher Moorhouse says:

And the fish was like: I almost caught a boat, IT WAS THIS BIG!!

D'artagnan Lomen says:


Dylan Lahaise says:

U should try fishing with a drine

Chris P Fishing says:

Hell yeah!!

Aiden ___ says:

it was nice of you to release the fish it might of ben mateing season for it

Ahlem Sbaghdi says:


blake zweng says:

beautiful ass river

Kyle Balmes says:

dude that made my day, im a fishing finatic in the u.p. of michigan , ive had rc boats before but never thought of using it this way haha good one guys looks like fun hell yeah im glad u went after trout instead of fukin bass, i dont get whats so great about bass fishing i dont eat em soo fuck em and they eat trout thats why they suck

Vanboneio | The gamer with oldschool wheels | / says:

The fish be like: I guess i’ll just get pulled by this thing…

JAMBO says:

Nice video

Słîp Mötó says:

If you wanna see a boat like that get hit by to big of a fish then check out my video on my channel I accidentally hooked a big mud fish

Animal King says:

I know

Mario Altamirano says:

makes fishing ten times better.

Lolaer25 says:

where did you get the boat from ???

Odee Dillon says:

Did you know that the sound of that engine, actually attracts fish?

Nyemah Milton says:


OTTER Box says:


Shaun Cunningham says:

that was awesome. thx for sharing

Amanda Chappell says:

I want to go fishing sometime this summer. I LOVE FISHING! 🙂

Haitian Yu says:

good idea!good effort. but meaningless

Upsilon Chris says:

Use squid for bait

Marnstradomus says:

I think you’re gonna need a bigger boat

MrCooldogs123 says:

in the opening isn’t john field holding a grass carp?

Great Scott! says:

Where is this?

Ryanz Vlogs says:

I’ve had that boat it was crap so bad don’t buy it by 3 days it broke

Bryce Fair says:


Michael Nunes says:

Excellent video. Camera quality and everything, I can see the effort put into this. I’m extremely proud of you guys. Just gained a sub

GTA stunts and Fails says:

Subscribe to my channel I post gta 5 stunts and fails

crazy8boy 145 says:

That water was sick so easy to see through Im used to Mass, where was that

Taryn Jackson says:


Gage Jeffrey says:

what kind of fish is that

swish fish says:

come check out my fishing channel and subscribe and nice video man keep posting

Андрей Окунев says:

what a fish is this?что это за рыба

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