RC ADVENTURES – 50″ KiNG OF SHAVES – RC Race Boat – 7.4HP Gas Powered

Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – WHAT A MONSTER! This boat belongs to my friend Josh, and it’s one of his babies. As he mentions in this video – these boats are not readily available anymore – so seeing him bring this behemoth out for our audience to see is OFF THE HOOK! A Full Fledged GAS POWERED machine.. this boat floats and skips across the water like an arrow out of a bow! 50″ and 7.4 HP – even for a brand new engine.. this thing is a ripper. Im sure when he gets it all dialed in, it will be a sight to see!

We hope you enjoy todays film!

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Dennis Morris says:

badass bra!

Humsamuel says:

7.4 hp from an engine that small

random guy 12345678lol says:

After seeing this video it inspired me to put my king of shaves out on the water for the 1st time in let’s say around 3 years

kennith rogers says:

Why does it need air inlets when it’s already cooled by water?

bowlweevil says:

nice boat too bad he doesn’t have enough room to “let her eat”….

BrownStar Off-Road says:

worst boat ever

Howtech says:

Perfect water for that cat.

Jurones II says:


Stu West says:

How do you keep from falling asleep?

Travis Dow says:

Nice boat

Renee Soellner says:


BDog Official says:

Do a king of the lake by makeing a jump competition were u get points for doing tricks and who ever wins get a new brushless motor and propelers or jet

Justin Walters says:

Lol that engine probably weighs like 3 or 4 pounds, maybe my sizing is off just a little, but Harbor freights 6.5 horsepower engine weighs like 45 pounds. RC technology is crazy.

General Allan _ says:

It sounds like someone’s dying lol.

Johnny Boi says:

Try to do more boat videos

Сергей Мурашов says:

Это резонансный глушитель полуволновой или четверть волновой?

John Valek says:

where can I get a king of shaves rc boat

Leonard Richards says:

so cool

The Modell Collector says:

very nice, but I also have a few good movie! !!

Jaden Shively says:

Hey rcsparks can you please send me one of your old rc boats please

Matthew Nobles says:

nice boat. but there’s no fun in just buying a boat and running it to me with out build them from scratch like I do. you will appreciate the workmanship and time that you put into that boat building it. you just appreciate it a lot more.

stephen john gray says:

crap.it don’t look any faster than a electric one.

Max Watson says:

cow estimate could top aside hire

mazpr2025 says:

For those who will say electric is much faster, only for the first 4 minutes which is the average time a electric 3S 6500mah x 2 batteries will last (more than $100.00 per pair of batteries for 5 min. of fun). Gas, 1 gallon of fuel $2.20 or so, synthetic oil)

Not everything is speed, for those of you electric speed freaks, the sound, realism, runtime, win win.

Zeda Motorsports says:

3hp maybe

Jessica Wilkinson says:

Hey pal! ! Omfg relative It looks like actually arabesqze job !operating 😀

Blake Clapper says:

how much was the boat???

Aaron Ribeiro says:

Need help finding one of those rev unlimited engines bro! Email me some details men! Aaronribeiro11@gmail.com

Johnny Boi says:

They r awesome

eggheadforya says:

Mine sounds more beefierrer LOL

Cristiane Barroncas says:


0311TYPE says:

What would be a “rare occurrence” on one of these videos, is if someone actually went fast!

Sid Young says:

do you know where I can find parts for this boat

ThatsMyRc says:

were is the fishing pole on this boat lol? Nice boat!

breker19er says:

I can’t believe how flat that things turns!!

Christopher Oshana says:

Best RC action camera man EVER!!!! Seriously, do this for a living!

Samuel Gibson says:

I’m getting a 52″ Cat Buddweiser Livery

Breyer Smith says:

Sorry but that’s not 7.4 horsepower …..if it is your saying it had more power than a Honda Crf80f dirtbike …BULLSHIT

Sea Skimmer says:

Pull start on that baby !!! get a roto start on that thing pronto !


Yea but usually gas powered boats only are this size(in the video) so that would cost like 3 to 5 grand and gas gets burned and runs away batteries don’t

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