Proboat Volere 22 RC Boat Unboxing & First Review

The team here at RC Skipper opens up the Proboat Volere 22 remote controlled boat. This RC boat is scale as heck, fun to look at , and just as fun to drive

The boat comes hooked up with a brushed motor Nimh battery, 2.4 ghz remote, and some amazing scale features for an electric remote control boat.


cheetahben1 says:

WOW i have alwase been a fan of boats but after seeing that boat I WANT WON HOW MUCH ARE THEY and one questain is it run on fuel…or battery?

Cataman Video Production - RC Videos says:

Super scale boat. I Like it.
Thanks for sharing with us.

PsychoticBovine says:

I want one of these. Almost impossible to find now…….

rcmen13 says:

13rcdudes a fuck head

TheRcskipper says:

@shortcouseking17 thanks a lot buddy! Got to keep it high and tight!

Nick Yates says:

could you use it in salt water?

TOMCAT17 says:

nice hair cut no joke i like it looks good on u no homo

350zvj says:

It looks cool, but it’s no Spartan. We want FE boats!!! Or even a gasser.

Cedric Albiez says:

I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and in the manual it says i have to grease the shaft, which im fine with…but it also says i have to put oil in there(there’s an opening close to the engine which leads into the shaft) can someone explain this to me? Im new to boats so yeah…sorry and..thanks

Alfredo Castaneda says:

i love that rc boat

kinkfreebird96 says:

kool unboxing video!!!!!!!!!


Are you on drugs? The shit that comes out of ya mouth is hilarious

350zvj says:

@TheRcskipper Fast electric, I think. I got into boats after you guys.

nerdyrcdriver says:

cool, idk if you should break your rule. That water is going to be really cold. Combine that with plastic, and you get brittle. then you find a rock, and you get a new boat hull.

Captain Jeff says:

@DrFunkzzzz are you using the stock remote and reciver on the boat?

TheRcskipper says:

@620ILoveSoccer620 thanks much

TheRcskipper says:

@bigmikie yea I wasn’t really either, then i got the spartan and bam! Had to start the channel just to share the journey…super fun and relaxing

TheRcskipper says:

Thumbs Up For A Happy New Year & Finally Some New Videos!! We Missed Ya!

TheRcskipper says:

@TheRclightning hell yea


I want one

david baer says:

I got one

delino barash says:

Nice for a cruiser

bigmikie says:

i almost didnt watch this because im not realy an rc boat guy but the looks pretty cool, That does look scale. I might have to get into boats now thanks for the vid.

TheRcskipper says:

@350zvj we do love the spartan..had it for a while now…whats FE

rcmen13 says:

13rcdude you can suck my dick bitch!

TheRcskipper says:

@calzaggii22 hell yea…as soon as spring

calzaggii22 says:

is their going 2 be a running vid, i hope so!

TheRcskipper says:

@SpaceManDawn yea lol winter sucks…4 more coming though!!!

TheRcskipper says:

@CatamanGMF yea I never really cared about it for trucks and cars but its awesome

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