Proboat Recoil 26 RC Boat – Unboxing – Review – Onboard HD Camera!

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If you want to see this boat in action directly skip to minute 12:25!


-Capable of reaching speeds of 30+ mph
-Self-righting hull system keeps you from going belly-up
-Water-cooled 2100Kv brushless motor and 60-AMP Dynamite® ESC
-11.1V 3200mAh 3S LiPo and LiPo balance charger included
-Includes Pro Boat® 2.4Ghz marine radio system
-Waterproof electronics
-Injection molded radio tray
-Aluminum rudder with stainless trim tabs
-Stainless steel hardware
-Flex shaft with Teflon liner
-Composite molded 2 blade propeller


R.C. Trail Runners says:

Hey man always turn the transmitter on first and then the boat

JOOSEY JOOSE ✪ Counter-Strike says:

i would not recommend putting marine grease directly in the motor lol

sun der says:


s7yler says:

that was fun to watch, enjoyed it, thumbs up! Mayi & Jay

James Gambill says:

Jay any plans to do a ulefone future review? great work man.

Rob Balser says:

Do not put grease anywhere near the motor, there is nothing to lube externally and its bearings should be sealed anyway. Pump grease into the strut, reinstall the cable and wipe off the excess near the collet, otherwise it’ll sling all over the innards. Grease often, the spiral twist in the cable pumps out the grease – and water. Clever, eh?

Kelton McCauley says:

i love you are starting to explore your options with your videos. not only just cell phones. keep up the good work, jason.

MicroModDude says:

What camera you use on your boat?

Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel says:

Thank you for the nice review and clean looks at the boat. Steve

Shyameer G says:

First !

Peter Green says:

can you use a bigger battery than a 11.1v 32oomah   whats  the biggest battery we can yous as in 11.1v and mah and thanks for the video it was awesome I loved it with a bigger battery will it go faster thanks and what type of  connector is on the stock battery

Kenneth Wilson says:

On the Recoil 17 there is only one clip holding the deck on. I watched my boat fill with water and sink in 35′ of water. $300.00 literally down the drain.All because I did not tape the deck and when the boat hit a large wave it knocked the deck off. My next boat, unless it has a double deck, I will add another clip to hold the deck down very securely.

meshl meme says:



Nice job!!

Mike Hargadon says:

do you have a phone that rivals the note 5 at all

N for Noah says:

you cant handle the speed

Adinur Ikhmal says:

That was pretty fast

idealmethod says:

velcro won’t be strong enough trust me, been there, tape it down or attach a go pro mount ( best idea) careful with that velcro, i ve seen batteries fly out when crazy somersaults happen

Modellbautechnik Salzkammergut says:

the onboard camera was a good idea!

abdul çí says:

Hey jay do u think there is any chance u will do a review for the galaxy a9?please

Redskull says:

goes so fast! what would you do if it runs out of battery in the middle of the lake??


So fast

Hameed jbareen says:

first comment

Lungoci Corneliu says:

Nice boat, nice video.

Brock simonson says:

what kind of camera was that


love it!

Farullah Zulkefli says:

xperia x is comming out

Ninja Plays says:

Can you link the camera

Rob Balser says:

Do not put grease anywhere near the motor. Pump grease into the strut, reinstall the cable, wipe off the excess

Vit says:

The boat is so cool

Warren Binder says:

Keep up the great work. I might get this for my little cousins. Will you be reviewing a iPhone 7 clone soon?

green diode says:

Thanks for sharing. What kind of run times are you getting with the stock battery?

RC McTool says:


Where did you buy the XT60 to EC3 converter??


Lirio Lebron says:

Dope af

imSnoope says:

Omg that’s incredible, i think i’m going to buy one haha

Jay Finke says:


Lucia Tomasović says:

Wow cool boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zacharia Janssen says:


Balls Life says:

So cool I watched this late sorry

Riley Depp says:

so exited to see this showed my boy he loved it kept taking my phone to watch it on repeat lol

cedrick croxton says:

I like that in boxing


love it!

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