Pro Boat Alpha Patrol Boat RTR | Review and Pond Run

It takes a little practice to turn and offers scale speed, but the new alpha patrol has a great look and runs well – slow it down and patrol along the banks of the pond. The twin jet nozzles work well once you get some practice with it. Thanks to Jason for offering up his new boat for a review.


IRONJAY Retacco says:

What a sick AWSOME Boat nice

DargoDog says:

Great video! Are there any follow-ups to this video? What was the runtime to LVC and what happened with it kicked in?

Bepe Gabianni says:

Could she cruise with a gopro type camera in the stern?

funshootin1 says:

smells like. ..victory!

yellowbusguy says:

Apocalypse now!

Tony Nooijens says:

So what was the runtime on the 2S 5000mah ? It’s still not available over here in Europe untill probably October. Looking forward on your reply on the runtime. Sure going to get this bad boy.

OP Airsoft says:

How long was the run time?

DutchRC Adventures says:

Apocalipse now, or what? 😀 (ehmm.. is that actually a well know movie? :$ .. I quite liked it)
I like it quite a bit! Throttle DR’s.. excellent!
The boat looks nice & scale but Does leave room for some DIY detailing 🙂
Excellent video as allways!

Supreme Vermin Airsoft says:

I always love seeing Jason in the videos. He’s always got a smile and isn’t afraid to show it.

Aeleven504 says:

Why did they design this boat with brushed motors vice brushless?

G56AG says:

Keep an eye out for the VC, they might be grouping in the weeds for an ambush! Make sure that Ma Deuce is hot and ready to go.

TheClampettmobile says:

Mt. Diablo, eh?   Clayton Rd. Hobby Town?    I’m not too wild about being made in china but I’ll come down and have a look.  I served on the real boats.  Lot’s of inaccuracies in the model but nothing I can’t remedy.

Robert Fontanosa says:

Time to get a Traxxas Spartan to go with your Traxxas X-Maxx so you can have a water and land-based beastie 🙂

Rad Draven says:

I really like it!. Im new to ships but not to RC. What do I need to install to have reverse? Also, how do you switch on and off the lights?


Tobi Lang says:


Kev Che says:

Don’t get out of the boat. G*ddamn right, don’t get out of the boat, unless you’re going all the way…

Thijs fpv says:

looks good 🙂 the sound isn’t to great tho
rubber coupler could make it less loud, but with the speed it could get loose

nina krettek says:

SChönes ausgewogendes Fahrbild !!

Jeff Colhoun says:

Lets fpv it across the reservoir

Nerdsteve01 says:

Nice vide dude! I luv adapters

General Hobbies says:

real nice.

Rippey RC says:


Mike Meyer says:

Very cool boat. First power boat I’ve seen that I wanted to know how much it was.

The power issue is why I switched all my boats from DSM to FrSky Rx’s for my boats. The built in telemetry means I can set the LVC warning while it’s on the water.

kwokwing says:

Beautiful boat.

James Hayden says:

Is it possible to fit slightly more powerful motors in this boat? How hard would that be?

T P says:

I would need to buy 6 of the small version GI Joes, got to have men for Special Ops, a rogue duck leading out of control seagulls.

Volkel RC says:

from a distance it looks like the real thing!!
Great review!!!!

Robert Fontanosa says:

Always wanted to get a boat but didn’t want to deal with getting it from the middle of the water if it decided to go belly up. Time to get a scale crew in that thing. Figures always make things look even more scale 🙂

nttmggr13 sccrntt says:

charlie don’t surf

Paul Rose says:

Very good, took me back quite a few years….

Flash Hobbies says:

nice boat

TheClampettmobile says:

That light at the base of the radar mast is supposed to be a SIREN. And I only carried 55 gallon drums on my boat once (so I’m going to remove them from the model). I live just down the street from the store shown here (and I assume that was Ellis Lake?). See ya there.

gavin Slattery says:

Any chance you took any shots of the battery installed, Just got the same boat , until i get a lipo for it , I’m running the recommended niMH in it I cannot get it fit great, , Otherwise great video, It was 27 degrees this weekend, so my first float was very quick, Thanks for sharing

Eurotrash RC says:

Those impellers sound rough, sounds like they’re rubbing on something.

GKHN GKR says:

I really like the scale and military look of this boat but I wish they would make this larger,then I would buy.

Love Life says:

that is cool. Apocalypse now lol

RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 says:

Awesome, looks great

Brian Craig says:

For us newbies, could you comment — and possibly post links — as to the battery and adapter you mention in the video, in more detail? I picked this up for a friend — Xmas present — and would like to pick up all that’s going to be needed right up front. Thanks in advance!

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