OUT OF CONTROL RC BOAT ACTION! lesson learned…..

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Sequoya Tyler says:


Zach Hawkswell says:

I have a crush boat that goes 30km per an hour so when we went to a lake i flipped and it landed in a bush

calvin says:

What is the name of the big RC boat

bravo 912 says:

very nice toys

Kire says:

What boat was That you had?

Cole Santos says:

Holy smolly

That Dude says:

Nah did not wanna spend some of that money ON A BOAT TUBE MY BOY LOL

John Bartleson says:

If you go the top speed your engine would blow up I know it because my dad has a boat

Rowan Rix says:

Um what 2005-2017 is not 17 years

The Cooney Family says:


Saryn Kempster says:

The rc boating is a shocwave 26

Brett Tarr says:

I was born in 2005

Master of LOL says:

I have the big boat

TheEpicGamer64 says:

2005 17 years

Ghost rider says:

I have been trying to get a new puppy

HOYFAB says:

What is that lake full of anti-freeze?

Joyce Carr says:

He sure says this alto at

starbroproductions Everett andlogan says:

Are they your kids

Brian C says:

Somebody is sucking ass vapors from Roman Atwood

John Bartleson says:

Bull sharks go in freshwater into lakes on a fisherman

MrWonkevido says:

i have not been in that lack befor

Dan Petze says:

Dale reminded me of Roman Atwood so Mitch because you are brothers and I love the music at the end

theo Pitsos says:

can I have one please

Rc Rocks says:

Shuts a mistake guys

gabriel Cotterill says:

We’re did you get them

Cathy Tucker says:

Ask your brother Robert is if he went to go see the Saturday Reds play against the mats mats

Jill Phillips says:

can you give me a discount

Murray Stalker says:

2005 17 years ahahahah

Zachariah Thompson says:

you sound and kinda look like roman atwood

Jack Riley says:

I have the same boat

Yaliza Lara says:

Love you guys

Warrior Girl says:

I got the top race rc boat

Bobby Brewer says:

I live on your vlogs

Austin CraftHS says:

Haven’t been in this lake since 2005.. It’s like 17 years

Russell Cupples says:

Holy Schmoly .??? Such vulgarity . Lol

iFrostyxx says:

Who thinks rash sounds a bit like Britney

Ashley Thornton says:


Sandy Gibson says:

Wow he is a little star on the board, and then acts like so what. No big deal. My two little love playing with our many RC Boats. So nice to see other folk out and making memorys you’ll all have for ever. I can’t go swimming any where since I was hurt serving in the a British Army In Iraq and have a whole in my tummy a tube goes in so I can emptymy badder. But even if I could and was able to!!! not in a million years. I live in Scotland and the thought of having to swim in the water with even our summer temperatures the sea only warms up to 4′-5′ degrees C’. About 40′ degrees F’ It must be great being able to do that. Nice lovely Family. Really nice to see in this day and age with some of the standards people have this day and age. It confirms to exmillitery folk like me why we love and fight for our Country’s. Sorry to go on, just cheered me up watching a couple of you videos. Take care guy’s just keep on being good people.

B Stanley says:


Josh K618 says:

Good vid

Kurt Stoute says:

Where did you buy the blue rc boat

Lori Buckler says:

Rnuygrnhtyrvhhyrtyhrbggzyehghbhtrnyhnr gehtyhtdytehtyrh

Eefvbgregbgb gdf bgefetbgb

Charles Johnson says:

How was it amazing just like your channel

Jennifer Turner says:

So cool

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