Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Performance

Review and run of the Harbor Freight Neptune RC Boat and live dance performance from rising star Tonto Artayga. Please Rate Comment And Subscribe! Thanks! Intro Song: The Outlaw Torn, Metallica. Dance Song: Oye Oye, Pitbull.


Arsenal Glasgow says:

Very nice video mate nice moves lol what the song title please thanks cool,………

Ed Mee says:

I’ve had one for two years. I just brought it back out when I got my new NiMh 5,000 mah stick pack. I used the Neptune to cycle the battery about 6 times so far and I’m getting an average of 32 minutes of non-stop run time off of a 5,000 mah pack. Pretty impressive considering the two 380 motors pushing through water. It’s a reliable boat that’s for sure. I’ve been punishing this thing through half hour runs about 6 runs so far, plus all the running I did with it last year with the stock battery. Some are doing full brushless conversions to it and pros even say the hull design and ride are on par with the more professional boats. Pretty impressive for a ‘Toy’ I plan to use my neptune for retrieving my nitro miss vegas duece(Aquacraft) when I get some ambition to mess around with a tiny nitro, lol. I might see if I can upgrade with some cheap 540 motors. I don’t see why a 540 wouldn’t hook up, minus some custom mounts which wouldn’t be hard to make. I already have a new 540 out of my blackfoot xtreme I didn’t use.

Joe Conti RC says:

It’s a pity Tonto had to leave – where did he rush to? Had to perform at the local parish hall? hahahahahahaha


Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…:

Jax Teller RC says:

Ha ha that dancing reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite for some reason! (-:
Great review on the boats, That boat turns really well and sharp for not having a rudder, I was really surprised. Cool vid man (-:


Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…:

James Johnson RC says:

Awesome boat review you explained everything very well sweet run it looked excellent nice work my friend 🙂

R/C EXPERIENCE™ by Anthony.D says:

nice detailed tips bro, those cool boats are not expensive at all…and pretty dependable too!! Excellent video,lots of action… thumbs up!

RC AVENTURE Vincennes France says:

Nice rc boat

NYBwilk says:

What speed charger do you recommend ?

The52r says:

Cool channel, thumbs up. Subbed! Take a look on my channel too 😉

Dennis Blalock says:

I started to laugh when you started dancing! *still laughing*

Budget Guy RC says:

nice neptune my friend i have that boat as well love it i have a run video of it on my channel if you would like to check it out have fun RCing

Tough in The Lou says:

I have access to a little personal pond all of the sudden. I have never done rc boats before. Where is a good place to start in your opinion? We really liked starting out with the ruckus for tge cars. So we would be looking for that $100 entry point.
Just wondering if you had any thoughts.


Great channel and now you added live entertainment! See your subscribers are growing fast A+, Richie run into your boat with a semi or what..

DutchRC Adventures says:

Nice of you to support Artayga! man 🙂  
I liked that Jet Stream quite a lot! 😀 Nice to see a boating-video! Over here the water is to cold for it now 😉  
Cheers and thanks for sharing

The RC Enthusiast says:

Great video man!

B. Bok says:

dude you are hilarious!!

Rogue One says:

Hahaha awesome man! Seriously you dance like a billion times better than I ever could! I can’t dance, not even if my life depended on it ;p I suspect I am missing that gene in my make up or something 😉

Great Kyosho boat man! 

Oh man I remember the crystals with the 27Mhz! I was in a race and three cars went all bananas cause they were on the same frequency. It did happen to me once though but not that often. Now, my Tamiya Grasshopper has the 27Mhz, and now my cellphone or others interfere to the point it looses connection all the time. 2.4Ghz is good for modern day Wifi and Cellular interferences out there. 

Ok seriously after this video, I just gotta get me one of these! Better yet, I want the same set up as yours, with a GoPro camera! Dude that was rock solid and the footage was outstanding! Loved it! 

This is what I’m talking about man, this kind of reviews makes you WANT these products, mainly because you see them in action AND you hear someone talk about it with passion and enthusiasm. Yeah Man I gotta get me a boat now! The footage made me miss riding on Boats so much! Every time I got to the Greek Islands, I love taking boat rides! 😀 

Thanks for this outstanding review and great intro ;p

CallOfDutyMaster says:

tonto is the groovemaster!!!!!


Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…:

timothy Poblete says:

Bro, nice dance moves… 😀  wow what a great video, that boat is awesome I think I will order one for the price you can’t beat it.  you showed a vid’s of the boat on board is it hard to show the boat from a far to see how fast it is going..?   thanks bro..!

oakley kress says:

I luv uro videos


Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…: Sorry about the delay major issues getting this video up after a couple song changes and 14 hrs of load time here it is hope you enjoy!

RC Johnny says:

cool video man !!

John Conrad says:

the original decals were x100 nicer than the crappy advertisements for Traxxas you used

frank buck says:

great video and guest performance, I think im going to buy one and use it as a retrieval boat. is it ok to spray that power shot in a brushless motor too.


Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…:

Steve Anderson says:

Let’s talk batteries… can a larger amp battery give more run time? Which batteries would you suggest as extra batteries? Can the interior be customized to accommodate larger batteries? Thanks

sator rotas says:

Bwaaaahahahhahah !! Very good dance, I have a lot laughs!!
Very nice boat !!

Campbell J-M says:

Nice boat!


Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…:

RC VHX 22 says:

nice review video, and you ne Very good dance bro I enjoyed it video till the end
great ☆☆☆

Dennis Blalock says:


Anthony D™Productions says:

nice review video, thumbs up! I really appreciate the shout out bro!! Respect and im always here for you!

RC McTool says:

Wow… I didn’t know you could Rap-Dance…. :O#

So are you reviewing the song or the Boom-Box…… :O))



Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…:

Tyson Evans says:

Hahaha epic bro just subscribed!


Neptune RC Boat Review And Run Along With Live Pe…:

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