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Aquacraft Miss Seattle Brushless RTR RC Race Boat Review in Marco Island Florida with Nate and Abby, TheRcSaylors! Want to try some speed on the water? This might be the best route to go especially if this is your first RC boat and you want a little taste of true electric rc boats! Nate and Abby will break down the good and the bad for you in this Full RC Review of the Miss Seattle RTR Hydroplane RC Race Boat!

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P.J. says:

Love this video

Benbot says:

That name is confusing. I keep thinking “Miss Seattle” is referring to Abby!

Sylvain Arseneault says:

You make a realy good job , unbeliveable, you create a good Dream Lolll … Thanks for all …

John Kennedyk says:

she’s right. You tell him Abby

Marijn Pelsma says:

you’re vids are awsome but can you pls make a preview vid of the phantom 3.

Vape King 301 says:

I just ordered this boat and was wondering can I run a regular size lipo in a 2s 5000mah? I don’t wanna order a new battery lol and what kinda run time you get off the 1000mah?

DutchRC Adventures says:

Nicely detailed and not To seriously toned (hmm might not be the right word) review again people! And for what it is, it seems to do pretty well 🙂 
Cheers and have a good weekend!

Sylvain Arseneault says:

Cool , i have a question for you , sorry for my english, do youlike fpv google Headplay ???

Xavier Ramos del Pino says:

Nice video, I got the same boat and it keeps digging in to the water when I throttle up.. Do you think adding weight at the back will help to prevent this issue?
Thank you

kevin mcmillen says:

looks like alligator water

RFVCXR200R says:

When boating, have the shore you’re standing on be “down wind” from where you’re running your boat. FYI

MadDuck RC says:

Good video guys. Even through the wind :p I kinda want one now. It looks good and preforms well. So it can handle up to 3s or can it go higher like 4s? BTW Abby love the dress

CHAOS RC says:

Nice review as always from The RCSaylors even without all there gear, I like the boat wow it’s fast and looks like lots of fun so yep very cool thanks Nate & Abby.

jeff boyack says:

It is actually amperage most people just don’t
say miliamper hours instead of miliamp hour

RC Johnny says:

great review guys !!

Mike Jenneman says:

Corrosion X for water proofing. Take apart the receiver and dunk the circuit board into Corrosion X and you’ll have a waterproof receiver- no balloons! For SALT WATER: spray your boat really good with Corrosion X to keep the salt water from building up and then also flush it out after you’re done

n5lyc says:

I know you have probably heard this, but it’s made to turn right only, that’s why it flips on left turns

Farmer Fpv says:

Put a 60a hobby wing seaking esc and run it on 4s lipo 😀 great review guys!

fisher jamin says:

otherwise than what i said earlier its a really nice boat i love the design

Walter Jackson says:

the salt will build up in the water cooling jacket or crode it

Erick Mldz says:

It’s Called hatch.!! Bro

Tony Price says:

I love this video!

Dylan Hirano says:

The jigga ma higg is called a scid fin

Tb1216002 says:

To nate and abby whats your fav colour each of separate

ReBeL says:

Great vid even without the normal gear y’all use! Nice review as always, as far as internet reviews yalls reviews are all I trust. One Rc boat I have never seen that I would love to have is a pontoon boat! Looks awesome and I think they would be awesome, not fast but definitely a good boat to fish with or just have a lil fun with.

Franky goes to Hobbywood says:

a nice boat and a good review, with a lot of informations..! 🙂

Gorilla Man says:

Is there such a thing as a follow me rc boat or a boat you would recommend for placing a camera on?


Nice review

Sor Sor Science07 says:

Is this your first video?

Daniel Hannagan says:

Looking at getting this boat. Have you guys done any different batteries in this? Trying to see what would be best for performance and run time. Any suggestions??? Love the videos!

Kevys Rc & Music says:

good stuff guys

4501trainman says:

On the real Hydroplanes it is called a Skid-Fin,as it helps the front of the boat to dig-in as it goes around a high-speed-turn. Since the real Hydroplanes make left turns,the Skid-Fin is behind the left front sponson. I believe the model Hydroplanes turn right,so the Skid-Fin is behind the right sponson,or on the inside of the turn always.

jbellis11 says:

Nice review. Looks like an awesome vacation too!

NPMedia says:

That fin on the side if the boat, that is called a turn fin all hydros all over the world have them because this boat is designed to race and all rc hydro races are go in a clockwise direction thats y the turn fin is on the right.

Michael west says:

Its called a hydroplane. The real hydroplanes only turn left thats why you were having probelms turning right. The metal piece you did not know what it was is called a skidfin. If you didnt have the skidfin the boat would not turn.

Robert Bass says:

I would like to see her race 1/8 nitro buggy or E-Buggy

Chilli Cook says:

great Video you guys! Subed!

Hpi Guy's Garage says:

How would you guys compare this to the Minimono, the Power Vee, or the Reef Racer 2? Great review too.

rayikaikin says:

I think the boats with the v shape hull are a lot less susceptible to the problems you mentioned like wind

Sergio Cobarruvia says:

If you like that weather then come to southern Cali we have great weather for all RC vehicle use. Ps love your channel

blake couling says:

Nice vid

Walter Jackson says:

need more mah to run longer

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