Mini RC submarine review: The new 777 sub version made by Happy cow. (also sold by Carson)

The very popular and very cheap triple 7 radio remote controlled submarine, by Happy cow, got an update. So got it better or worse? Find out in this in depth test of this “RTR 6 CH (channel) three propellor” micro RC sub.

In this review I’ll discuss battery life, transmitter range and more.
Maximum depth is 0.8 m acoording to the manual. (In reality 0.5m. (20″))
WARNING! this 777 RC model , also called “torpedo pigboat, is not waterproof at depths over 50 cm (20”) although it has silicone rings to keep the water out. If your boat behaves odd when still in range or sinks, quickly get it out of the swimming pool or pond and leave it to dry. Even better is to remove the small screws so that you can remove the top and bottom part. After that you can give the nose of the submarine a twist and carefully take it off so that water can get out. Be careful not to break the wires!

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Old Not Dead says:

Very cool….do you know if they make one with a camera on it? nice video my friend!

Cyryl says:

Please give me link to auction coz i only find older one on aliexpress etc

Anne Miedema says:

Yes I did enjoy this review! I am now planning of building a huge water “thing” maybe a pund or something like that because I want to play with the submarines to!

Anne Miedema says:

That is so awesome!

JohnVH Life says:


Nicholas Borg says:

I also have one like yours but what it is doing when connect the charger to it it turns the lights on and it works for a bit and the lights goes off and it stops works

madscientisthut says:

Nice video, I love RC stuff! You have my creator support!


#43 first like and supporting your channel. Gary

misternoobie says:

How much are these?

Linda Wolff/Kashmir27 says:

Nice little submarine! Looks easy to handle!

random videos says:

never seen one may have to get one with my pool we are putting in now that I am back getting paid for youtube. ha ha. not really
I am putting in a pool but not with that money

RETMAN says:

I subscribed 393

Angry Pirate News says:

Nice and cheap little sub. Added ya 🙂

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