Micro RC Submarine Review

Pick up one of these 777 happy cow submarines for only $17.98 here

It can dive and surface
go forward and backwards and turn
It recharges from the transmitter in about 10 minutes and it’ll swim for about 8 minutes on a charge.

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Raphael Polino says:

can this product be shipped in the Philippines?
and how much does it cost in Philippine money?

Chilly Willy 88 says:

Nice blood parrots at the end

BetaTahnU says:

I bought this and it is trash it had cracked plastic when it got to my address it had no extras in mine either

spektrum33 says:

Well i have to get me one of those ,look like it would be fun ..
What no torpedoes …shame    {0_o}

Diego01 says:

Please help! So I bought this submarine and used it in a pond. I firmly put the rubber plug in and when I pulled the sub out it stopped recieving/ my signals. When i took out the plug just a tiny hint of water came out of the sub and the sub doesnt work anymore. When I pull the plug off its lights dont turn on. What do I do? Do i open the sub? And if yes where do I open it?

moonbear says:

neat sub bud..

frank chavez says:

ur not supposed to put it in with fishes

Benjamin Perry says:

i’m getting the sub


reminds me of the Red October

Jayter Ilagan says:

that is so cool. I want one

Jaxon Ritchey says:

After seeing your video I bought one of these amazing subs

Exploding TNT says:

Is the helix stunt quadcopter good im hoing to buy ine btw nice video

Caleb Webster says:

really that sub is a loud of poop it looks ugly try the 777-219 rc sub that awsome

Vista says:

I really want this.

James shave says:

Sounds like a white Morgan freeman

Illuminati Confirmed says:

You sound like Jim Henson or Bob Ross for real lol

Florin Vescan says:

you should get the air hogs dive master

Aditya Lad says:

Can you review the happy cow boat

Reidh Beallagh says:

Radio Waves can travel through water? what about 6 to 12 inches ? or what?

ramadha satria para krama naya saputra says:

That submarine look so cute in the fish aquarium because the fish look scare look the submarine

Ibbo Beast says:

Nice review the submarine looks awesome

Itz Reid says:

I put this in my pool and it stopped at the bottom and didn’t work

Christopher Morris says:

Cool little sub and it’s under $20? Sold!

Latrenda Archie says:

why he talk like that

Geir Erling Gulbrandsen says:

Thumbs up!

The Modell Collector says:

How deep can it dive??

Lmao Lmoo says:

looks great. love micro stuff.

Wolfy says:

Is it good for the price? I’m thinking of buying one.

M. Edwards says:

God, I HATE this damn Youtube commercials!!!!!!!

I bought one of these little subs and used it several times. It wouldn’t dive worth a “squat”, and wouldn’t run but a few seconds before it shut off. I’ve tried it a half-dozen times. If I could remember where I got it, I’d have sent it back! (Yet another reason for buying stuff off ebay, at least there’s a record of your transactions and you can work out things with the seller). In any event, I finally packed everything up and threw it in the trash.

Ray Gibson says:

had one 2 years ago…rubbish…lucky if you get 2 months out of it

Peter Parkour says:

I really like your video about this subarine but can you tell me how long this sub can run underwater

Dr Zachary Smith says:

I like your fish tank

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