Kids toy videos: Aircraft Carrier – Amphibious assault ship – rc boats

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Story of rc boats for sale.
“S107G Metal Series 3 Channels Infrared Radio Control Mini Helicopter | Toy Aircraft Review”–FFQ

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Delta Whiskey 4 says:

ur channel name sounds creepy…..

Ramen Noodle says:

Made from china YUP

the explorers says:

Nice where’d u get it

mfauzi ramadhan says:

i am in indonesian

Poxy_foxy says:

where do you get that?

Nayomi Kumari says:


Xuan Truong Tran says:

Anh lam video thuyen di ngoai bien di

galaxy marvel says:

where did you buy that and that so cool.

Yahir Mrtz says:

where did you buy it that thing
that thing is amazing a want to
buy it.

mfauzi ramadhan says:



я ненавижу ваш канал

Eliane Nascimento says:

oi ‘

Waylon Evans says:


Ebrahim Meer says:

I want to one ship 00966507212590 sodiya arbiya

Irish Model Farming says:

Good review, but it isn’t an Aircraft Carrier, it’s an Amphibious Assault Ship, I know it’s in the title so that makes it better.
The building on the side is called the “island” and there are big differences between a AAS and an aircraft carrier, although they both hold aircraft, they are very different. First, the AAS is too thin to be an Aircraft Carrier, an Aircraft Carrier has a flat front where as the AAS has a battleship-like bow.

Guy Hermanson says:

Can you please give us more information on its performance instead of just showing stupid useless videos. A review should offer useful information like, how well does it do if it flips in a wave? Can you use it in a lake? How water tight is it? How long does the battery last? How does it take to charge the battery? How good is the remote? What is its range? Tell us something other than how much you like it!!!

shaheed mohammed s says:

nice try man

Chason Immel says:

Yay I does

Pataradonพี่จุดสีฟ้าคือเพิ่อนเลา Sanmang says:


Ender Playz 1230 says:

I like it

yi chun chou says:

Nayomi Kumari says:




Sam River says:

can u mount a rc chopper and take off ???

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