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The HobbyKing ScottFree Off Shore Race Boat is pretty outstanding with such a sleek look right out of the box. This RC shines though, where it belongs, right on the water! Spitting up Crazy high rooster tails and taking snap corners like a champ, you won’t know what passed you ’till it’s too late! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors have had their hands on this boat for a while now, with lots of driving action and fun to show for it! TheRcSaylors bring you the Full Review of the ScottFree Race Boat!

Buy the ScottFree Race Boat Here – http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/RC_PRODUCT_SEARCH.asp?strSearch=scott+free

Buy the Transmitter Here – http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/RC_PRODUCT_SEARCH.asp?strSearch=gt2e

Buy the Batteries Here – http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__57798__Turnigy_3300mAh_2S_30C_Lipo_Pack_AR_Warehouse_.html?strSearch=turnigy%203300


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Sean Khan says:

You look better with your beard shaved

Trev G says:

great video by the way

Carl Collins says:

Hi TheRcSaylors,

I just want to ask i love the video and the cool name for your and also do you have a link for this boat as i am really interested in buying one myself.


Mike Jenneman says:

Too bad it’s not self righting

Brent Michael says:


DrBleck35 says:

Please tell me that I see a Yorkshire Terrier at 3:01 or so.

Kenny Bohey says:

POPEYE THE SAILOR…!!! I Am Enjoying This & NOW…Back 2 The VIDEO….SEE YAH

crispyspa says:

based upon your review of this boat… I just ordered one. it will be a replacement for that little ft012.

Kenny Bohey says:

POPEYE Watching There… Loved IT…Reminds me of Good Times In Real Boats…Thanks As Always You Guys…See Ya

Tom Kowalsky says:

I Gots To Get A BOAT!
Great Vid. Looks like so much fun you two.
Don’t know how you keep these great reviews coming so fast but WHO CARES?

crispyspa says:

could you do me a favor and measure the battery tray? I already have a bunch of batteries I just want to make sure they fit so I don’t have to order different batteries.

John Liberty says:

Wow, so crazy to stumble upon this video since I build the real drives (there are 2 spares) for this boat and our shop builds the engines (two including spare I believe, not my department). It would be really cool if they built an actual replica of the drive (it’s not a straight shaft/rudder on real boat) for it also. Love the channel, subbed a few weeks ago, getting back into RC partly due to you two.

Trev G says:

does it have low voltage cut off so you can bring it back to you when out of battery

RC Fun says:

How long did the battery’s last?

RC JOE says:

Sweet boat guys!!

sky man says:

is this boat fiberglass or plastic ??

Austin Duddy says:

Did you have to buy the batterys

Trev G says:

how long do you think the low voltage cut off lasts on this?

bestamerica says:

i have 2 great R/C boats are firehawk and villain ex…
both boats are normal motors and NIMH batterys

crispyspa says:

I got mine last week and was fairly impressed. Very good run time but the holeshot has something to be desired. I replaced that 3 blade with a 2 blade M440 octura Brass prop. I had to pull the shaft and sand it down using a drill to spin it and sandpaper to sand it down because the shaft size is a little large for the octura prop. I only took off a couple of thousands to make it fit. The holeshot is greatly improved. It’s damn near comes out of the water completely. Top speed seems about the same but I’ll have to put a GPS in it to find out.

Fidgety FPV says:

is a by nate’s WiFi or girlfriend

Mud Digger RC says:

she looks great with the black hair.

dexter2433 says:

at 40 mph it is a bit faster than my fishing boat 🙂

Steve Fox says:

reverse can be added, you may be able to program the esc to allow reverse but if not, simply changing the esc will give you reverse.

king Gamer says:


sky man says:

should of used oat tap for all of your boats I comes off lot better !!

Maxiaj RC says:

again a cool review ! thanks for the great video’s so far guys! its fun to watch!
by the way every rc boat you need to take off some trottle in the corners;) or you will flip or even break or bend something!

Michael Duncan says:

I have the traxxas Spartan and Make sure y’all oil the motor, and grease the flex shaft, I had to learn the hard way, also that cooling hose make sure the water is always coming out the whole on the side, I’m just letting anybody know out the if your first getting into rc boating, maintenance plays a big role… Nice vid by the way!

Tim Thornburgh says:

Was popeye wearing a life jacket?

murai batu says:

How much…???

Wayne Glass says:

Do you still recommend or do you have another suggestion?

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