FLYING Walmart RC boat MODS!!!

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Well we finally got around to round two of our cheezy rc boats from walmart! This time we put wings on them, hows that for a literal “flying boat”


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Mike Stroz says:

Turn one of your ultralights into a floatplane next!

Red Hunsicker says:

I love that plane, it makes me want to do this. As these are histories coolest planes

Blake Sichel says:

that kid in the backround yelling loool around 5:30 ish

Adygos says:

Peter: *builds massive shop/ workspace*
Also Peter: *doesnt use it*

BrianM8685 says:


RoadRunner - 855 says:

we get it, you know how airplanes work. get back to the the other cool shit.

Cooper Schenewark says:

Can you try to get lightning to hit an rc plane?

Jared Sinn says:

Back to our regularly scheduled program

IOnlyMadeThisNameToHitTheCharacterLimit90909090909 says:

What type of kite is that?

EpicLamborghini492 says:

Stick some wheels on that thing and boom you got a boatplanecar

Orlin Kurk says:

It takes a special friend to get a boat stuck in a tree. Lol great vid

Garry Kennedy says:

Oh C”Mon,,, LOL That’s simply AMAZING PETER!!!!!!!! ICON A3,,, Eat your heart out!!! PETER<<<<<<<<< You NEED to make this your next REAL aircraft build!!!!!!!!!! THAT was SO stable!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! LOL Love ya bro. SAM!!!!!!!!! Sorry,, not in the SAMS club. LOL Still love ya,, but not as much. YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!!!!! I believe in ya bro!

Waldek Mochalski says:

The use of cans as cowlings is MF genius!!

The XXI says:

This knowledge and skills, I’m fucking impressed.

rohnnn rohnnn says:

Make a real one

Mike O'Barr says:

I happen to like Russian pickers pawn wars custom storage dynasty. It’s my 2nd favorite show behind : The Peter Sripol builds a death machine and fly’s it while his dad worries and Sam films variety hour.

青木Oof says:

It’s a-BOAT time

RippleFPV La_man_tie says:

Cutting that foam board made me cringe

Iball nonya says:

Yes, but the “Donzi Kite” will stay in the air longer, thanks to it now eternally hanging from a tree.

Shane Watters says:

Everyone knew you were going to make an amazing airplane out of garbage with a pocket knife, no surprise. Kite boat plane, now that’s INNOVATION!

chaseon4wheels says:


Scott Bell says:

Oh-we-a! TAILSPIN! Oh-we-oh! TAILSPIN!

CantB Bothered says:

Hey to all of you subscribe now!! Or else umm…

Daniel harman says:

Sounds like while you were flying it the first time some kid was watching you that had never seen an rc plane before

meme-_-consumer says:

Make an rc working pby-5 Catalina

NiezamRC says:

Wow…nice build Peter! Two thumbs up.

Jumpstart rc says:

thing works really well

Sushi Rice says:

Screw those ultralights
This is the content we sub for

pmm4177 says:

I love the lumenier freybott motors, i have them on 2 quad builds

Techs Science says:

Is YouTube your only source of income or you sell your projects?

Ryan Eickmeyer says:

Really cool video, great job you guys!

Jet Young says:

Make a helicopter boat

jd says:

RIP table glass

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