Five Below RC Boat Sucks!

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Isac Sigala says:

your in the oceon

StikStudios Tv says:

I had a green one and it was my first rc boat I think and I put old batteries in it so it didn’t run well with them ofcorse and I put it in muddy water and the back got dirty and I dipped the back in some water and I guess water got into the off/on button and killed it Ima get an other one soon I’m exited and I think yours was defective

Edgardo Juarez says:

haha! love how you started the clip!!!

Justin nlewem says:

It’s the currents

Adreneline says:

it only works in water

Mugtba Alkanaai says:

I got a boat from the same as place is brok so fast

Rylan Brown says:

your suppost to press both sides up to go forward thats how my five below jetski worked

Exert PlayZz says:

i took mine apart and calked the whole thing.

MidnightPikachu says:

Is it weird i got a boat ad before this? It was about a company called Van der valk

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