Feilun FT1011 Racing Boat Review from Banggood

This is the first RC boat I’ve driven. My kids and I have been looking forward to getting some driving in on this for a while. I really wanted to race after it with my quadcopter and get some good aerial footage, but it didn’t work out that way. After I get a new canopy, I may make a part 2 video where I do follow it with my quad. I think that footage would be awesome. Anyway, if you do drive one of these, be sure to tape down the top canopy with some Scott tape so that it doesn’t come off like mine did.

You can get your own here:
Feilun FT1011 Racing Boat: http://www.banggood.com/Feilun-FT011-65CM-2_4G-Brushless-RC-Boat-High-Speed-Racing-Boat-With-Water-Cooling-System-p-1036340.html?p=6Z050013977120130325&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=travisgrindal&utm_campaign=BG9624385&utm_content=chengshaoyun


Mike Griffin says:

lost my top too the clip that holds it came out that’s why mine got lost got the new top but cant find. new clip for it anywhere def using tape. from here out but dang it where can i get a clip

Nick Lightner says:

That’s awesome. Next time we go to Darren’s you should run it at his place!!!


Why didn’t you fly your quad??

Just funny with your Penus says:


Bart DiNardo says:

cannot believe it came with a 4s battery. they are very expensive.

Andre Filipe says:

hello friend, your boat Ft011 walking forward and back ?

Jeffery Mercer says:

I too have this boat, bought it when first came on the scene, it goes without saying that this boat runs so,so, much better in calmer waters, and you should always, Always, always, use tape on all water crafts…these are not meant to be run on choppy water! (Waterproof Tape).
Have fun! Remember: calmer water is so much more fun and you will really be able to see what this boat can do!
Also with just one small upgrade (that being a bigger prop) makes a HUGE difference in performance!
Jeff Mercer

Graham Smith says:

The water is a bit too choppy,it will go like Hell on smoother water.

Mike Griffin says:

awesome got some pvc tape should work good

Clockwork_Gaming says:

Thats cool as shit I want one i have a 3acre pond 🙂

John Jenkins says:

Good Times!!!! I got the FT011 from Gear Best last week, and it will Not stay BINDED for more than 45 seconds MAX??? I can only get it to bind about one time out of every 30 tries doing it exactly the same way you mentioned plugging the battery in and then immediately turning on the transmitter. since the transmitter is blinking like it should normally do in The Binding process, and the LED light sometimes comes on and sometimes doesn’t come on on the three and one speed control receiver located in the front I just went ahead and ordered a new three and one speed controller from bangood. Hopefully that fixes the issue!!! If not I’ll just have to bust out another $15 for a new transmitter. Lol. The retail price of the transmitter speaks volume if you know what I mean!?! if this boat runs half as well as yours I would be all too happy to glue styrofoam in the canopy and tap down the hatch every single run! It would just be nice if I could actually see it Run!!! last RC boat I had before the small 7.2 volt my girlfriend got me a few years ago for Christmas was approximately 4 feet long and had a modified weed eater engine installed inside of it with a completely open canopy for air Cooling. That was the most Realistic Driving RC boat I’ve ever owned even though the water cooled Nitro boats looked a lot better with a closed canopy on top. It was canary yellow, Built out of Fiberglass, and a REAL Beauty!!!:). I miss that Boat:/

David Cox says:

Rc boats

Silas Pfeifer says:

<-- i'm surfing on my rc boat!!! (it looks like...)

Droneking246 says:

How long did it take for the boat to arrive from banggood? I’m planning to get one an I had a very bad experience with the shipping.

JKFlorida says:

Hatch tape and a piece of foam in that canopy would have saved it!

Sam McWethy says:

The top canopy is just for looks. It doesn’t seal out any water. My guess is you didn’t have it on right.

Nikolaos Denikarias says:

For your save the receiver we never taken out the boat from the water with the noise to the ground always the nose looking to the sky because th on hull water goes back and not to the receiver

Mark Turner says:

very cool Travis. Thnx

Jason Hitesman says:

Fun, I haven’t had a boat in close to 15 years and it was nitro. Had a lot of fun with it but went through props crazy fast. Nearest body of water for me is the Colorado river and there was so much floating plant material it would get tangled in the prop. Never managed to run it for a full tank without loosing a prop but always went home with a smile!

Mike Griffin says:

so heres what i did took a nail heated it up pushed it through where the factory clip is supposed to be pushed it through the lip that stands up on the top canopy then used a large clip from rc car and voila still use tape as well but now problem solved

Jad Collado says:

try putting a little weight on the front.

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Electric boating 101. Tape. they sell tape for boats to seal them,I see you figured that out after losing your top. I would even consider a removable caulk that you can buy. Even mabe plumbers putty. It looked pretty light,could use a little wright in the bottom to help keep it down. Yeah its best to drive those on calm days. I was impressed that it could right its self,even when filling with water,lol. I looked at those since I am always buying stuff on banggood. This was the first review I have seen on this,very good! most impressed. Sorry you couldnt use your quad too. You never said why. That would be bad if that hit the water,a boat they are not.

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