Feilun – FT009 High Speed RC Boat – Review and Maiden Run

Links to purchase:
Banggood.com – RTR ($59) – http://www.banggood.com/Feilun-FT009-2_4G-4CH-High-Speed-Racing-Water-Cooled-RC-Boat-p-906673.html?p=Z431161082112012126P
Tmart.com – RTR ($59) – http://www.tmart.com/FT009-4-channel-2.4G-Wireless-Remote-Control-High-Speed-Racing-RC-Boat-Green_p227752.html?aid=28459&utm_source=saff&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=self

SoCalHobbies.com – RTR ($90) (US Supplier) – http://socalhobbies.com/ft009?tracking=5485d95e8c1c5
10% of code: ryanrc

Brushless Version (FT012):
Banggood.com – RTR ($115) – http://www.banggood.com/FT012-Upgraded-FT009-2_4G-4CH-Brushless-RC-Racing-Boat-p-953069.html?p=Z431161082112012126P
Tmart.com – RTR ($115) – http://www.tmart.com/FT012-Upgraded-FT009-2.4G-4CH-Brushless-RC-Racing-Boat-Black_p303148.html?aid=28459&utm_source=saff&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=self

The Feilun FT009 is a high speed RC boat with a unique “self-righting” feature. It is inherently stable in the water, but should it flip over, now you don’t need to have a rescue plan, or swim after it… you just hit reverse, and then forward, and the boat will flip itself over. How cool is that!? This is my first ever RC boat and I had an absolute blast with it! Now I can’t wait for winter to pass so that I can try out the brushless version!

-Flyin’ Ryan

Thanks to my friend, Josh, for the additional camera work.
Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/IAmStizzle

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Sergej Nadaždin says:

the FT009 is a copy of Tide Breaker by Revell Control.

Maxime Hearty says:

i have one of thoes the battery life is 20 minutes

leon ridgewell says:

I have the smaller RC boat but same brand, Thanks for the video! Like to have the one that you have because its water cooled mine just has a fan inside to keep the motor cool but still goes great!

Ethan's Aviation says:

I got this exact boat yesterday, except I got the orange version, and it is a little bigger than I thought!!! I haven’t run it yet, but it looks really cool!!!!

max pineda says:

cool boat !I have the same one.!:) lots of fun.

Adnan Safaraz says:

is it waterproof?

Bruce Nguyen says:

does it have a warning system?

04swiftstang says:

ha ha..n/m i fixed…took the transmitter apart there was 2 bad wires where the steering connects…its good to go!

WildeB33STProductions says:

Hey Ryan, I just bought a ft009 boat and have a quick question. How do I remove the flex shaft so I can regrease it? Other boats have collars which you can loosen up with two wrenches but I don’t see that on here. If yo could help me out that would be great. Thanks!

04swiftstang says:

hey Ryan, i purchased me a ft009 after watching your vid, i received today, i already own wl912 and ft011..so i am sharp with these boats…battery is all charged up, engine is good, my tx and rx are not binding, i even tried it with the lid off in my bathtub, and nothing…light flashes on both rx and tx, but nothing…any help would be appreciated. thx

Rafael Klein says:

que site voce adquiriu

rilcor 52 says:

how fast can it go?

Rodney Armstrong says:

man my boat doesn’t want to turn to the left but turns on a dime to the right. I have checked my servo and trim and Rutter the Rutter turns to both sides. I’m thinking it needs fins to help with throttle tourq.

Tom M says:

You are my go-to when I begin to research new RC toys I’m thinking of getting. I saw a guy with an RC boat at a nearby lake and checking out your videos. Thanks! You also helped with a few Helis I bought. Don’t have a bust yet.

Xenophon Nikolopoulos says:

Amewi Warior

ToyGrade RCManiac says:

Great video man! As always, super good quality!
I bought this FT009 because of you and maaan, that thing is a lot of fun! My first real RC boat and i love it!
I upgraded the power connectors to Traxxas and skipped the connector between the ESC and Motor ( just soldered it together) to achieve better power transfer from the battery to the motor. I also added the steering fins and trim tabs from the FT012. And now it really moves! Sure, the FT012 is much faster but i love the FT009

Noel Vargas says:

i like the video i am seing the video like 3 or 5 times,bro

04swiftstang says:

sad part about the whole thing this boat was for my 10 yo son and he is bummed…he wanted to bash around with me.

Noel Vargas says:

rc toys are the best right,bro

Trallala 11 says:

Is there enough place for a GoPro

See, peeds says:

is it COOL Captain Ryan IS IT COOL?

Xenophon Nikolopoulos says:

I want a FT009 rc boat but I have a American warrior!And I have lost its battery and its power bank

sayed gamal says:

اين صنع

PrajzyCZ says:

Udi 001 is much better

Dani Plaza Garcia says:


RC McTool says:

Love that Boat………………. :O)

paul watson says:

All of you should try the rockstar 48

Willy D vlogs says:

The water cooling intake is in the back of the boat and i exits out the front bottom

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