Fast RC Racing Boat Review

Specs and Pricing:
The FeiLun FT012 RC Racing Boat is fast and fun to drive. It has a brushless motor and the ability to right itself if it flips upside down! Check out our review and test.
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RCModelPlane says:

Super Video, tolle Aufnahmen

Calvin Gong says:

Hi Kelly , this is Calvin from ideafly, did you receive my email?

Drone lovers Portugal says:

This one is great for those summer afternoons on the lake, I started building one my self, just waiting for the eletronics I ordered for it… Great video Tate, good job…

Abu Tayiba RC Videos says:

Awesome video. Boat need some CG adjustments.

Schemck Productions says:

off topic, but got my vizuo mavic toy in the other day. that thing is fun to fly. obviously not worth doing anything with the camera. but there is a sd card slot on the drone. you kind of botched the review a little

Alfred Bloodworth says:

great video

novilla 16 says:

when are you gonna do the giveaway????

Usman Ali says:

first view first like first comment yayy!!

Mark Vande Sande says:

Read instructions first lol.

jdinky3 says:

I cant really trust mine, i’ve had 3 times that it went crazy an i had to get a actual boat to go get it.

raaj peeps says:

Good job. Another great video. Thanks guys.

K1dPhresh1 says:

Those young men did a very good job on the review! Impressive!! Boat looks like a blast too!

TurtleGamingHD says:

crap!! I’m slacking on the first comment! also CONGRATS ON 40K KELLY!!!

tony ivey says:

oh wow I think ill buy my 1 year old grandson one.

JohnClyde Rafallo says:

the yellow one that u said the is a motor
its the Battery !!! stupid

JohnClyde Rafallo says:

booooooo kid your noob
you going to buy that and you dont know a bit something!

Kanglar says:

Cool video, you guys are great presenters!!

smoz i says:

Please do a reaction on me video I’m Moroccan


looks like a good boat

Trainguy4001 says:

7th like 🙂

R L says:

Good video… Careful, Dad; his next one will show yours up! :0

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