Fast RC Racing Boat – REVIEW

➜ RC Racing Boat (Gearbest):

This is the: “Fei Lun FT011 RC Racing Boat”.

== Main Specs ==
-2.4GHz (approx transmitter distance: ~500 ft (150m)
-Brushless Motor
-Built-in Water Cooling System
-Speed: rated up to ~30 MPH (50km/h)
-Drive Time: 5-6 minutes
-Charge time: ~3-4 hours (battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 30C LiPo)

This RC racing boat is super fast, and a ton of fun to drive. When you pull full throttle, this little baby screams across the water. It’s cool looking, nice design, super lightweight. Comes with a stand, extra propellers, and a front ‘nose’ rubber cover. A really cool feature, if/when the boat rolls over in the water, simply rock the throttle forward and back, and the boat will flip over, right side up.
It’s meant for lakes and ponds, freshwater locations. It’s perfect for summer time. I even took it into the ocean and it was still a lot of fun, even though the waves thrashed it around pretty good. It kept driving, and you just need to rinse it off afterward to remove the salt water and sand. (Over time, this will cause corrosion and reduce life span, just beware of this.)

You might have even seen Roman Atwood driving his new Traxxas RC Boat around, this is similar but much more affordable!

Overall, it’s very fast, a lot of fun, and pretty dang affordable!
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cool btohshaiqnddiwjdns says:

I really love your video how there so short keep up the good work man

Genius Gamer says:


Mitul Agarwal says:

Can you review the Segway MiniPro?? I understand you did the first one.But if you could do the pro.That would be awesome

Vintage Dude says:

Loving your reviews

nikos 1000 says:

big fun dude!!! nice videos!!

Max Gerber says:

Once again, the editing keeps getting better and better

DrewDogDanglez says:


Jake Hinds says:

Does it flip back over easy with a GoPro?

peena maru says:

That must be very fast and hard to drive

Jonathan Fitz says:

I love your vids and share with my friends

Zane Nelson says:

Ben thanks soooo much for reviewing it best YouTube review channel I’m going to recommend this to all my friends

Daniel Tani says:

FT011 is so fast like your review! I really would like to learn how to be so direct like you! Pleaaase teach uussssd!!! Big hug e good vibes Ben!

04swiftstang says:

your getting to much prop walk at high speed, this boat needs a slightly larger aluminum rudder…95mm and some aluminum sharp turn fins…i will upload a video of mine here soon. also a 35mm prop adds on the jump start.

Adrian Mendoza says:

got to buy that thanks

DrewDogDanglez says:


Jake Whitaker says:

You should have a lot more subs these videos are quality

Victor Tallant says:

It wold be funny if it died In the middle of the lake

Joel T says:

I want thaat

Doug Drummond says:

Your videos are really good Ben, really enjoyed this and what a great price!

JB Outdoors And More says:

pretty cool. thanks for sharing

Sayan Panda says:

Ben, I’ll very glad if u upload a Video of A rc copter. Hoping it’ll be a lot of fun ..The Boat became Awesome for brushless power …..

Plazma Playz says:

ur videos are awesome i wish to meet u one day

RCWave Surfer says:

Really smooth !

r6gretPowah says:

Give away

thebrodog guy says:

Do the rsf 650

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