Best RC boat for your money – Great for kids & adults

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Here’s a faster “brushless” rc boat:
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I was very impressed when I first tested this boat out in the water! The performance, the look, and the price of this boat makes it a super fun toy for anyone close to a lake or pond. Perfect for adults and kids thanks to a safety feature that doesn’t allow the propeller to spin when it’s not in the water. The speed tops out around 20mph. It make precise and sharp turns thanks to a large rudder. Having a built in water cooling system is something usually found on more expensive boats, but this rc boat has one! Cooling your motor down with water from the lake will prolong the life of your boat and keep it running at top speeds.


rupesh singh says:

I subscribe !!!

3 -Tastic says:

Can u mount a GoPro onnit

carson hjelmen says:

Ok thanks

DJ_Age 2 says:

Can it go in salt water

Haitham Mohamed says:

Is it good for saltwater ?


If you want brushless get the ft012 it’s way faster!!!

Marshall sergi says:

I thought chaperell park was dirty

london smith says:

how long is the battery life approx

Im_ Ballin' says:

Can u help me, I just bought this boat charged up the battery and put in bathtub and won’t move or turn, what’s wrong?

3 -Tastic says:

On it

Daniel Christian says:

What is this boat called and where can I find it.

Will Stockman says:

thanks for the review, just purchased two of them from the link in your review!

Im_ Ballin' says:

Is there a way to get the boat to go as fast as yours cause mine look a little slower ?

TheREVMachine says:

Thanks this vid really helped me!

carson hjelmen says:

I got the same boat and I was just wondering if you can buy any upgraded parts for it

Samuel Salemi says:

Can it run in saltwater ?

MyCityStreets says:

This or the UDI001 venom??

MxRacer 424 says:

is it a brushless or brushed motor.

Random Commenter says:

Where can I find extra batteries & is there a better alternative for a similar price after almost a year?

Kiran Lata says:

thanks for video


cheers mate

baybeevickyxox says:

How long did you find the battery goes for until it runs out?


thanks mate i was trying to find one for a 4 year old

MyCityStreets says:

How long does it take to charge it full battery? & how long is it good for?

guiller gamboa says:

Nice vid man… Did you have any issues with that particular rc boat?

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