AquaCraft Rescue 17 RC Fireboat Review

Candy and I took the Rescue 17 fireboat to our favorite pond to give it a try and we both had a really good time with it. Yep, Candy got in some RC action with the Rescue 17 Fireboat and had no problems with it at all.

There are so many great features about this boat such as:

Water cannon rotates 120° — and shoots a stream of water up to 10 feet.
Bright, 10-piece LED lighting system
Painted, joined fiberglass hull, deck and cabin.
Comes out of the box with scale details already installed:
Wire rope deck railing
Ladders and staircases
Water cannon with high-capacity pump
Radar and radio mast
Windows, searchlights and more

You will have to supply 6 AA batteries and one 3S 2200 mAh lipo batter to get the boat going. I would have liked to have seen that come with the boat although it wasn’t that big of a deal since I already had several lipo batteries that I could use with it.

The AquaCraft Rescue 17 Fireboat can be purchased online from Tower Hobbies at the following link:

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Eric Jordon

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Andrew Holloway says:

Absolutely brilliant. Nice video, superb boat.

sdd6131 says:

any torque roll issue?

Adrian Anzano says:

Were did you buy that

65gtfastback says:

I like the variety of subjects; nice to mix things up. I found it helpful that you commented on the stick position / the amount of throttle at different points of the video so that I could get a better understanding of the boat’s speed. You should do that more often in your plane reviews – it helps to know how much throttle is required for ‘just above stall speed’ to ‘gentle Sunday flying’ when evaluating a plane.

jmlon99 says:

Eric, my son and I really enjoyed your review of the Rescue 17 RC Fireboat. Give credit to Candy for her awesome camera work as well as her boat navigating skills. It looked like she was having a lot of fun! The GoPro camera highlighting the water cannon was also an excellent touch. We really enjoy all of your review videos in every category, and the videos on your roadtrip are also very informative and a pleasure to watch too. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Jeff and Christian

US patriots says:

Love love love love love love love love it so much

GeckoGuy says:

nice review. just my constructive criticism here, you gave all the features and really presented the product well and tried upselling your viewers. i would have liked to have seen the price being mentioned in the video. and as far as the beginning of the video in your garage i suggest a studio backdrop. the background is a little busy with all those rc’s. just my feedback. and as always, keep up  the good work. your editing and overall transitions make the video that more appealing. good luck on the plane giveaway and i hope you choose me.

CreekValleyCritters says:

Just curious, how long can it run at slow speeds on one battery charge ?

Zach vlogs says:

how do i buy that it is so very sweet


How much money Rescue 17 RC Fireboat and where we buy?

jaked812812 says:

the review was awesome! If you ever wanted to modify it further, you could make the hose a flamethrower if you wanted to, and also, can you show off some beginner planes like the wild hawk and the slope diver accipiter badius!?

jackson tuttle says:

i have never seen a water cannon on a boat before and the lights are very cool

Rick Shane says:

Eric, you should put something on the water that’s on fire and put it out with the boat. Good job on this video, very cool boat! And the sea plane would go perfect in my back yard because we have a giant pond, and I have never flown from water. Keep up the good work buddy!

Frank H says:

For something like this, you should really consider the absolute beginner and give info accordingly. Personally, I look at it from the “grandpa” point of view in that I’d love to have a couple for my grandchildren who aren’t really into rc flight but still want to have fun. This is a great way for us to have fun and not worry quite so much worry on short attention spans with multiple children. Moreover,  it would be fun for all. Also, kinda left us going back and hunting to find a tad more info on price catagory, where to find and parts / spares availability.  Still a good review though. I want a couple and maybe sell off some glow powered boats.

Leonard Mason says:

What a great boat. Good speed, Scale looks OMG the functioning water cannon what a wonderful addition. This is a boat anyone would love to own. If I win the plane I could still float on water.

US patriots says:

I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much

fLx says:

I really liked the Rescue Boat! It looked smooth on the water and I liked how it drifted across the water but the boat could add lifeboats.

Spencer healy says:

It’s a great review wish you didn’t just keep saying some of the same thing so much though love the in house review but the test run is a little boring you should do a challenge that would make it interesting

Brady French says:

Great boat, surprised that the boat would so complete straight out of the box. One screw to attach the mast, charge the battery, and add water, and GO! Makes me think about adding a boat to my R/C collection. Awesome video, thanks.

Sam Quarles says:

Awesome little Boat!!!! Really never looked at RC Boats but this is cool!!! Love the water canon, Candy should have watered you down. Have to get one when I get back to work.

Appreciate your time and effort with your videos! Always look forward to watching.

Janick Goudeau says:

I enjoyed your videos.Wonderful firetug! I live in Florida half the year and have an rc boat about the same size as yours. Always a good time. I would like to see more take offs and close up landings on the rc airplane videos, if possible. I have enjoyed your channel since the beginning, and also the reviews you do for the model rc magazines columns you write for. Janick~

Titan King says:

I love your boat I have a aircraft carrier I named it uss wasp the battery died in the middle of pond

TheMoonKity says:

Thanks for another great video! I love how candy was able to take part in the action haha anyways thanks for the great content 😀

jacob edwards says:

One modification to consider would be a remote operated spotlight. Otherwise a very nice boat.

Hasty says:

Nice boat we’re did you get it and how much was it because it’s a nice boat

SkyCam Certified says:

It honestly is surprisingly fun to boot around! Take mine out all the time, got a video of the maiden on my channel! Great video by the way, very helpful review.

Bill Barbee says:

Looks like a really nice boat for a beginner or someone looking for a small pond or lake craft. Could be used as a retrieval boat for planes or faster RC boats… the ones that flip over… LOL!  Have lots of experience with RC boats. Used to race years ago… All nitro and the beginning of the first gas boats. They have certainly come a long way with the electrics for sure. Makes it so easy for someone wanting to get into our hobby. Enjoy your videos and look forward to seeing your reviews. Come see us in Savannah.

Jay V says:

The boat is really cool. It is a nice size and the lights are a neat feature. The water cannon is flat out amazing. At the beginning of the video I doubted the brushed motor being capable of that much power. I was clearly wrong about that. The water cannon was flat out amazing. Imagine what that thing could do with brushless motors. The cannon would shoot really far! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Flyboy258 says:

Looks like a fun boat. It reminds me of a fire boat that I got at Walmart when I was little, it also had a water canon that I had a lot of fun with 🙂

US patriots says:

Can you buy it for me

machoplanes says:

wow this is a really scale boat

Michael Killian says:

Pretty good review, Great detail on the boat. It would have been really cool if you had a small junk boat on fire, and put it out with the rescue 17. That would have shown the actual rescue ability of the boat. But still great job on review. Letting the wife take the helm is a great way to show how easy the boat is to handle. Not saying she is a novice. I agree with Gecko Guy on the price being mentioned.
  That Float plane sure would be nice as my second flyer. 
Keep up the great work!  Have fun and great to see you as always.

jakhazen420 says:

It’s an awsome boat. I love the scale look and the water cannon and lights. The short amount of build time is great because when i get a new rc i can’t wait to get it in the water or air or were ever. I love your vidz because i can really tell you love the rc hobby and you give good honest reviews. My G-friend also does giveaways and I know how difficult getting it all together can sometimes be so thanx for the chance you give all of us who other wise wouldn’t be able to have these awsome prizes you give away. Keep up the awsome wprk you do.

W.A RC says:

does it have a lipo cut off

Robert Ballester says:

nice how much

sjnelson342 says:

The looks fun

Ron Bouslagh says:

I thought it was a great looking boat and the water cannon was cool. I can see spraying people when they are not expecting it. Those lights on the water at night would look good.

Michael Weir says:

the people whot thought out the fire rescue 17 fireboat did a realy nice job im not a boat person but i think you got me! the cabin lights and the sound of the motor sounds great man its fast  boy i thik you can even make a fireman on water ski’s to tow behind it will make a great birthday presant presant thankyou joe & candy

satheesh kumar says:

That was a really nice Rescue Fire-boat.You have redefined awesomeness.
Still, I have few suggestions.
1. Please provide smoke effect also.(may be a smoke exhaust chimney)
2. I think, the front part of ship is to be stream-lined little more.
3. Also provide some ring-buoys to give it a realistic look.

John M Hartlove says:

Nice video and wow, what a great boat. I love the details, lights, fire monitor on the forecastle, the hand rails, pa speaker, all of it. Very nicely done. I would like to see a brushless motor. I live on a lake and this guy would be a nice compliment to my RC fleet. I have the Miss Geico which is very fast, but this would add another level of fun.

dean kelley says:

I like the scale of it’s huge love it.

tweet savior says:

I like how in every review you do close ups of the model and you always tell the viewers what you need(that’s not included) like batteries. All in all this was a great review just like every other review you do. P.s I love the water cannon it’s so cool and how far it sprays that’s pretty awesome. Gopro view is awesome.

infernostr says:

Does any know what is the cut off voltage for this boat’s ESC?

Marc Heard says:

The FPV was a very nice touch, sir. I would name her the SS Duck Soaker… but that’s me. Love it..

Slash says:

The boat might float but the hole in your wallet won’t 🙂

Lungoci Corneliu says:

Nice boat, nice video !

Thies stegeman says:

verry nice boat and good review, hope you have lots of fun with it

moseley Model Group says:

Gotta love that boat! upgrade it to brushless and WOW! even with the standard setup use a 5500mah lipo a lot of fun.

Luke Fosburg says:

Pretty awesome boat! Great review Eric.

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