Air Hogs Thunder Trax Review, RC Tank That Transforms Into a Boat

Air Hogs Thunder Trax Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new Thunder Trax from Air Hogs. This is a great remote control toy that transforms from tank to boat with a push of the button. It can travel on land or water – over almost all terrains.

The Air Hogs Thunder Trax RC Sells For $74.99 on Amazon –

Air Hogs Thunder Trax is adventure on any terrain, in any season! Thick treads maintain control on grass, gravel, mud, water, and even snow! Seamlessly transition from land to water with the push of a button — Thunder Trax transforms on water from tank to boat to take you anywhere. Remote 2.4GHz communication puts you in control, and easy USB charging puts you back on the road faster. Go wild with Thunder Trax, the transforming all terrain vehicle from Air Hogs!

Tackle different terrains in any location during any season — including sand, snow, grass, gravel, mud, and water.
Transforms from tank to boat with the push of a button.
2.4GHz radio communications for precise, long-range control
Thunder Trax is for ages 8+. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).


Chitraksh Bhatia says:

Can you use it in the water without transforming?

Doxa Transportation says:

you guys are awesome!!!!

Tammy Buchinski says:

We had our first one replaced and the second one is having the same problem. One track seizes up, for good. Thus it goes in circles. New batteries in the controller doesn’t help. Changing the trim doesn’t help. Anyone have a solution or do I email Spin Master, again.

Ana L says:

Very helpful video! Thank you

James Brohard says:

looks like a good design for exploring other planets!!

Michael Gray says:

I may be a grandfather but I’m a kid at heart. I love drones and toys like this. I may have to buy one. Is there an RC vehicle that does all this and flies too?

Juice Supertramp says:

my son got the controller wet, where can I get one. or is there a universal I can buy

Unkouwn Slacker says:

have you guys tried this in water? got mine today haven’t put it in the water yet. hesitant to put it in the water it’s already cool as a tank and I find the rubber plug sketchy.

James C Eastep says:

Thanks for exciting demo. Good coverage of important features, such as range, batteries, controls, underwater view, and your kid playing with it.
Can you tell me where to get it in 2017? Does Target or other big box stores still stock it? How much?
Great job!

Harrison Wilbanks says:

that kid doesnt understand how rc works lol turning the controller/remote does nothing. hood stuff

Safiya Oraefo says:

order my sister two of those

09867f4A2- _905G34e says:

Is the remote waterproof ????¿

Yannik Alinyoh says:

Great toy for different types of tarrian races

the j man says:

I’m so getting one for me and my son

Brandon Ochoa says:

So, a full charge is 60 to 70 minutes, or 6 to 7 minutes?

Meghna Vincent says:

is it water proof remote

Antony Petrov says:

Definitely getting one for Christmas

Doxa Transportation says:

you did hard work to make this video. and i like it sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Jansen says:



I was wondering if the Thinder Trax would float in water, or if it would sink if you let it sit still too long or something.

Morcego538 says:

why is that kid pointing the transmitter to the traxas? lool

BREEZE says:

Your reviews suck kys

It’s just a prank bro, your reviews are amazing, sometimes I watch your videos and then go to amozan and check out the products

Casey Morgan says:

I like how you show details that aren’t on the box.

Cristobal Ramirez says:

So cool

Miguel Gastelum says:

How long does the battery last?

Dragon Slayer says:

how much is this?

Anthony Sivolella says:

This helped me so much I disintegrated know probably the simplest thing how to transform it and all the other tips are extremely helpful and useful thanks

Lindabailey Foster says:

That thing is so cool i’m buying one this week

Rising Rayquaza says:

iv been subbed to you scene 1,000 subs im so glad to see you have 100k now congrats

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