$40 RC Boat – SkyTech H100 – It’s About Time We Get a New Boat – TheRcSaylors

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/HVEYDr
One thing our channel is definitely lacking on is fun with boats! With a last name like Saylor, you would think we would have a ton of boats to play with. Well it is about time we change that, so we took the kayaks out with a new rc boat by SkyTech. You definitely cannot beat the price on this RC, and it is our first boat with reverse!

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/HVEYDr
Promo Code – rc18off
Gearbest Current Promotion – https://goo.gl/17Dmzw

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Thomas Moore says:

I have this little RC and you will have to grease the drive shaft at the inner back of the craft after a bit to keep the hull from filling with water. Other than that it is a really nice RC.

Roy Delosreyes says:

give me i m go na kill you

Ti Lu says:

Hello, mine is taking water inside….without this it’s perfect

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

It was sold as the F009 on Banggood,but not any more. There are others listing it too as other names. Check the forums guys,its all over the place put there. Thats ok in a way,good parts acess and guys are modding them already.

WisGuy4 says:

Hi Abby and Nate.  Nice boat and as usual, nice video.

I have a question, though.  The guy in the red and yellow kayak near shore – was he fishing?  If so, I bet he would really have appreciated you running the RC boat on the other side of the lake, further away from him.  I kayak fish a lot and the few times I’ve had someone paddle or run their motor boat near where I was casting, it basically killed all chances of catching anything and was really aggravating.

Razali Endot says:

American are very lucky because 1 dollar=4.18 malaysian ringgit
So 40 dollar=160.72

Diego Barajas says:

Yes, just got mine today

Joseph Kang says:

Is it able to self right?

Michael Barrett says:

omg somebody get this man a new ball cap!

Make It Mike says:

I just got one and the rudder won turn right all the way. Did you guys run into this problem?

upspirate says:

when I go to gearbest link, it says can’t ship to us????

majik fuzzybutt says:

that little boat is a lot faster than I thought it would be, 40.00 is cheap for it and does prove just how much these hobby rc cars or whatever is marked up, like they say toys are more expensive

Make It Mike says:

It looks like you bought the knock off version. Its not Skytech

evil Wolf says:

Gas more Fast boat

Tac_R_Us says:

Wow..that is pretty quick for the money.

nerf slash boss says:

Could I put a brushless motor in it?…. oh I bet IL figure it out how to lol

Sandy Watters says:

Stanley Shen was first

Misha Patrick Rahnema-Despreaux says:

do we only comment on the giveaway video to win a drone or can we also comment on other videos?

Everything slow motion says:

I got that boat because of them and it just got in

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

I found spare batterys for $10,thought that was expensive until I saw they wanted $18 on the Amazon site where the boat was listed,should have ordered two darn it.Generally,I never order a spare battery until I test the RC out.

Dastardly Dave says:

Just got this boat for my friend’s son. He is having a blast with it. Nice.

alex baartman says:

Does this guy think his hat looks cool?

clayton lewis says:

whats the play time on it is it around 7 or 8 minuits

William Davie says:

hi nate I just purchased one of these but iv searched for extra batteries but can’t find them anywhere will it be ok to use 7.4v 900mAh on this

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

I got this for my birthday from Kristal. She ordered it on Amazon so,pretty cool. I havent had it out yet,waiting for her to have some time off from work. Until the Kitchen is finished,everyday is work day for me. I have to install the range hood yet. The wife is very happy with the dishwasher( cannot even hear it run) So happy wife,happy life for me.


You should try a Parrot HYDROFOIL it’s the best of both with a normal flying mode and tricks then the boat side also a camera on it. I haven’t tested my one on water yet but is super easy to switch beetween. Cool video my friends. ✌

B&C Ultimate RC says:

That’s pretty good for $40 dollars. I have the FT11 and FT12 Feilun boats… wow they are fast! Great job as usual!!! It would certainly mean a lot for you to stop by my channel and at the least leave a comment or maybe subscribe? I work very hard on my vids and its hard being an old man in this hobby sometimes…lol. Thanks for your continued honesty and dedication to the RC hobby! Been subbed for a whle now and I’m never disappointed!!!

doug oconnor says:

thats a nice deal i got my son one from radio shack and i was pissed how slow it was i have to get him one like this

DeviousRC 66 says:

For a boat that size it’s pretty fast. Reverse is useless but not bad for the price.

Josh S5 says:

is the.vid fast forwarded

Daniel Boon says:

Gearbest currently says “cannot ship to the United States”.  Bummer

Crashlights says:

Cheap enough to gift (or hoard) a few, then stage races with them at the local pond/lake/creek.

TheRcSaylors says:

This model has been discontinued at Gearbest. Try it here instead 🙂 https://goo.gl/WNgmTb

Greg Irvine says:

HI abby

Foam Test says:

This would be a budget option for retrieving seaplanes if they go down in the water !

Chip Stanley says:

Great job guys!!!

Michael Cherubini says:

That is so cool for a little boat !

Rc Trucker says:

do you have a link where i can found spare battery’s for that boat?

majik fuzzybutt says:

like I said, After seeing some of the models that are coming out now, It really shows just how they are marked up, No wonder traxxas can afford to throw so much money at the full size racing that they spend money on, if they didn’t the same money would go to taxes

Rambo says:

Fishes below must be going – what the hell is that new fish up to…. Nice vid, nice boat

Pollyanna says:

i want to get that RC boat

Steve RC says:

Nice review guys and thx for the find.
Yes, the problem with low-end boats is no reverse which means in the pool they get stuck in the corner. While the remote is a downside, reverse and low price win out.
Thanks again Saylors!

SammyFemlingVlogs says:

I just got this boat very good starter boat

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